Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 8

I hope I'm providing enough variation in how I present these.  I may have to get back on some of these posts and change things if I determine some approaches aren't working.
Timeline: Song and hand motions from CC's website.
Science: Parts of the sun.
This site from Nasa has a printable parts of the sun. Of course we'll repeat, repeat, repeat like drill sergeants. 
or this

History: This is such a long week for history.  I will either bring the large map and print out pictures
 of the explorers for us to sail around their paths. The alternative is having them get out their Geography 
folders (yes for history) and have printed out little explorers for them to move to the correct location.
  I think the most important thing, especially for those working on memory masters would be repeating the song. 
However some need visual aids and the maps with little explorers would be a great visual. Like this one:
Geography: I'm so glad this really coincides with the HIstory sentence.  Today we will kind of smush
 the two subjects together.  We'll make a little GH on the Cape of Good Hope, an M on the straight of Magellan, 
a CI o the Canary Islands, and T on the Treaty of Tordesillas.  
Then we'll spend some time drilling them in order, then out of order. 
Math: 14's sing the song while we pass around a bean bag.  Hot potato style!
English: We'll do a little chant on this one.  I think to help them with a visual I'll print out the list with 
large bold capitol beginning letters to help them remember the order.
Latin: Review from last week. I like cutting up the posters and having them put them in order.
Review Game: Rocket


  1. Hi! This is great! Can you tell me what the review game "rocket" is?

  2. Mother Hen- I have a post all about review games. There you will find the detailed instructions for rocket. Really, though, you can just google it. It's all over the internet :) not an original of mine.