Friday, June 11, 2010

My children are beautiful, intelligent, creative, funny, happy... the list could go on. I love them dearly.
Claire made some beautiful art this week. All on her own, no prompting involved.
Bella is so determined to be big, to do things "my myself". I am glad she is cheerful and gets over things easily or she'd spend all day frustrated with the things she hasn't yet mastered.

When Claire woke up this morning she had sneezed out a snot rocket. What I saw was her leaving her room with some gross goo hanging from her sniffer. So, I prompted a tissue and put my arm around her to hug her, in the process I put my hand in a pile of snot on her pjs. Yuck!! apparently she had sneezed more than I originally saw.

and yet I love them more today than yesterday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

so Bella is sick- again. I guess it doesn't help that I "agreed" (rather was "forced") to take baby J (whom we watch 4 days a week) when he was sick. so she's been having asthma attacks, coughing uncontrollably or wheezing. In the past both the girls have coughed to the point of throwing up phlegm or even stomach contents. So, as Bella was going to bed she had a snack of ritz crackers and started coughing. As we all know when that happens you spit crackers from your mouth as you cough. Well, she hasn't had this experience before and so reacted differently than you or I would. She said "DADDY! DADDY! I THREW UP!". Micah had to convince her that it wasn't throw up.
Today, she called "I go potty mamma". So, I woke up from what was only going to be a 15 minute nap, and went upstairs to wipe a bottom. I got upstairs to find she had awoken baby J with her potty announcement. Then she let me know that her bed was "scratchy". I went in to discover crushed crackers all over her newly changed sheets. I asked her how the mess occured; had she sat on the crackers accidentally, or slept on them forgeting they were there? she showed me with her hands that she had crumbled them. I asked who she thought it was that would clean them up "mommy" was her honest reply. so I got the hand vacuum and had her clean them up. What a scoundrel!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It has been so long since I've written things down. yikes! Which means that I might forget about the "poo poo" incident at the Steeles. See that's the only thing that I can even thing to write down about the time past without blogging.
Yesterday the girls were playing dolls and Claire did something super cute. She was pretending that she was working the church nursery and she had all the baby dolls out. She laid a blanket on the floor and then decided that she better lay the plastic painting cloth on top the blanket "so the babies don't spit up on the blanket". then she found the party hats in a play box and strapped them on the baby's faces "to catch the spit up". then one of the babies was crying and it was because she had come off the blanket. I told Claire she needed to help the baby because she didn't "want to disobey policy". She told me "that's not the baby's mom's name".