Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It has been so long since I've written things down. yikes! Which means that I might forget about the "poo poo" incident at the Steeles. See that's the only thing that I can even thing to write down about the time past without blogging.
Yesterday the girls were playing dolls and Claire did something super cute. She was pretending that she was working the church nursery and she had all the baby dolls out. She laid a blanket on the floor and then decided that she better lay the plastic painting cloth on top the blanket "so the babies don't spit up on the blanket". then she found the party hats in a play box and strapped them on the baby's faces "to catch the spit up". then one of the babies was crying and it was because she had come off the blanket. I told Claire she needed to help the baby because she didn't "want to disobey policy". She told me "that's not the baby's mom's name".

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