Wednesday, April 21, 2010

so yesterday when I picked up the girls from dance class their teacher reported to the parents that there had been a problem. Apparently, the kids had been a bit pushy that day. It seemed to all fall on Bella. Claire frequently hugs on Bella when she doesn't want a hug, sometimes Claire doesn't listen when Bella says "no, thanks". Well, that happened yesterday so Bella was tagged as pushing, then a boy in the class who has a crush on Bella did the same thing. He too, wouldn't listen when Bella didn't want him to hug. Then one little girl said that Bella punched her. Well, I was finding some of this hard to believe. My girls don't hit they know it's not acceptable. Occasionally if they are caught up fighting over a toy, they might hit or push, and right away they know they are in big trouble because that is not accepted at home. So to hear that Bella punched someone... I had to dig deeper. Bella did say that the boy was hugging her when she didn't want him to do so. She conitnued to tell me that she didn't punch the girl. though. Finally, she told me "I was flying like a bird". Okay this was making sense now. I can see her flying like a bird without knowing her arms hit someone. I believe her. Mostly because the girls tend to be honest to me, and if they don't want to be honest, they choose to be silent. I can usually tell if they are lying. I also don't think she's clever shes deceptively clever enough to come up with a bird story. It was nice to get to the bottom of things and see that it wasn't really all the teacher thought. If people are continuingly hugging on her when she doesn't want to, then it needs to be stopped before she has to push them off of her- this includes Claire. If they don't listen to her say "no, thanks", what else can she think of to do. I tried to tell her that she'll have to start saying "Help, teacher", instead of pushing. Poor girl, she was defintely far from wanting to wake up from her nap when it was time for dance class, so what a day to be bombarded by people. I talked to Claire and let her know that if she continues to "love" on Bella or mess around during dance, they won't be able to be in the same class. She was quite sad to hear that announcement since she says her favorite part of dance class is getting to stand by Bella.

Yesterday morning the girls were playing and Bella told Claire "that's silly". I don't know what she was commenting on, but what I do know is Claire's reply "silly indeed". Are you kidding me? she's so silly.

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