Thursday, April 1, 2010

Okay so last night we told our girls that we are going to have a baby. Claire was excited, and Bella, as much as she understood- was also excited. Of course they asked when the baby would come out- I'm not looking forward to how many times I will here that question in the next 35 weeks. In fact lets start an official count- last night 3
today 3
total in the first two days 6

Last night bella said that if it was a boy we should name him Thomas. This is the name she first used for a ladybug, then a dead fly, then a couple frogs. And now a potential brother.

so this morning both the girls said "hi" to the baby

Bella at one point said she could see the baby- I think she was referring to what is left over from the belly that carried her.
claire wanted to look at baby names, when the name layla came up we both talked about how that is Aunt Ashlie's dog's name. Claire decided it should also be the name of the baby. When I told her the name was already taken, she had a hard time understanding. That's okay, she quickly changed her name several times.

Tonight when I told the girls that I was going to take a shower- Claire asked "is the baby going to get nice and clean?".

Claire and Bella got to tell Nana, GG, Papa, Tessa, Grandpa, and Grandma today our wonderful.

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