Tuesday, March 23, 2010

well so many things have transpired... we had Bella's 3rd birthday right after the girls had pneumonia. Then we had a week to get ready to go to Virginia to visit Aunt Tessa.
The visit to Aunt Tessa was so eventful.
Day one:
arrived, had to look around the house, had a snack.
Dave came over and helped us open presents.
Dave helped us set up the tent that came with the sleeping bags.
Ken and Erin came over and we played and played.
By the end Ken was dressed in a feather hat, apron, and was serving us dinner.

Day two:
first thing in the morning we went to the Library, picked out 29 books and 3 movies.
I think during the course of the week we read all 29 books.
Then we met another of Aunt Tessa's friends, Andie and her two little ones at the Thomas Rd Kid's Cove. The Kid's Cove was quite large and there were many children so it was very overwhelming for the girls. They had a hard time playing in such a large place. Andie and her two kids were so sweet and it was very nice meeting them.
we had lunch there and then headed home for a rest time.
then we headed to Romp 'n' Roll. that was a bit better for the girls. All padded and jumpy play things and not very many kids. they had a wonderful time, but were a quite tuckered out by the time we went to Dave's house for Pizza with his parents. The girls were quite shy, being so tired. So it took them quite a long time to warm up. What finally got them to interact with Dave's parents was serving them play food. This lead to the need for bowls. Dave had some large metal mixing bowls that started out as just bowls, but ended up being "sleds". they had the greatest time having Dave pull them around in circles and down the hall in races.
Boy did they sleep well in their cots that night.

Day three:
Tessa had to work, we went shopping, then to an early rest time. We had a play date with Joy and her kids. Claire and Bella just loved Saige, Piper, and Solomon. We headed home for Japanese food and Then went for Ice cream with Dave.

Day four: Tessa, again, had to work. We hung out with Sabrina that morning, whom Bella called "Arina". She took us to see her mom's horse. We took her to work, then played at the playground there at the daycare. We went home to Tessa's for lunch and found that we didn't have the right key. So we had to get lunch somewhere and that somewhere happened to be Olive Garden. Then since the girls needed somewhere to "rest" we went to the Dollar theater and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakual. We were supposed to be making dinner instead of being locked out. So we just had macaroni and left overs. Then we watched Up with Dave and Tessa- their first time. Claire made sure to narrate.

Day five:
Tessa took us to the children's museum (which at the moment I cannot remember what it's called). It was amazing. The girls loved it. They got to milk a cow statue, walk on stairs that lit under your feet, build a Native American village, ride a Batauex (whatever the french word for boat is), paint a glass room, and so much more. Yet Bella's favorite thing was the caterpillar statue work of art outside that we could only view. Then we went to Water Stone for Pizza- YUMM! That afternoon we were coloring and Claire started the phrase "Nice doin' it!". She like d what I was coloring and that was what came out in her haste to express herself. Ken, Erin and Dave all came over that evening and Bella made best buds with Ken, since he had an iphone.

Day six:
We went to peaksview park. Met Mrs. Jackie there. Had a picnic, then on the way out we saw my old pal Art. That night we had Ken and Erin over for a "girls night". Claire made dinner (Bella was too tired even after a long nap). On the menu was Pigs in a Blanket, and individual scalloped Potatoe "cups". It was delicious. Then we did nails (even Ken's). Erin told us how when she was at school and said several times "nice doin' it". Then we watched up again. Ken had downloaded several apps for Bella on his Iphone.

Day seven:
we got up a little early (due to Bella noticing I was gone and she started screaming). We got on the road and gave Claire dramamine right away so she wouldn't get sick. Well, we didn't know Bella would beat her to it. Bella started wriggling in her seat and making uncomfortable noises. then I looked back and saw that she had her hand in front of her mouth. I tried to give her a plastic bag, but she got mad. Then puked up oatmeal and curdled milk. since we were in the mountains on a two lain road, there was not even a shoulder to pull off onto. we finally found a little spot and cleaned her up. Having to get her dressed in the cold mountain air didn't make her happy, but there was no other choice. Well, when Claire saw Bella throw up hers wasn't far behind. At least she knew to put it in the trash can. What fun! We made it to the Hotel by 4:30 and walked around the mall then got dinner.

Yesterday our first official day back it was nice enough to play outside. Bella had a runny nose and we kept having to get her tissues to wipe all the snot. Claire came in at one point, wanting to be very helpful, and asked for a tissue. She said Bella needed it and she wanted to get it for her. So, she got some tissue out of the bathroom and went outside to wipe Bella's nose. She just had to come to the front door, knock, and tell me all about it. Who knew how exciting wiping your sis's nose could be. She told me "Bella's nose was really messy. I wiped it, but there was still more snot and she didn't want me to wipe anymore. So, I told her to close her eyes. I knew if she closed her eyes, I could wipe her nose and she wouldn't even know I did it. Then when she opened her eyes she was happy."

One runny nose on Monday, a return of pneumonia on Tuesday.
threw up her phlegm in the chiro's office all over the floor.

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