Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So the house right beside us is for sale... We watch occasionally to see who is looking at the house. I've been praying for a young couple to move in so we can have friends nearby to cook out with and such. So, Bella happened to be sitting on the trunk at the window watching the outside world. Well, there was a couple looking at the house next door. They happened to be African-American, we have never addressed the subject of different races much past "some people have light skin and some have medium, some have dark. Some have blond hair, brown, red, or black. Some have blue eyes..." you get where I'm going... "then I am always sure to say that God made each of us just the way he wanted us. We are all beautiful just the way God made us. And it would be boring if we were all the same". So when Bella said "that's the mommy. she's black" I was stunned. I mean I guess she is right. Claire had just never used words like black or white, she had said "dark and light". Well, then Bella took me way off guard when she said "I no like her". What?? So, I tried not to show my surprise. I said calmly "why?". She didn't have an answer. I know I've done my best to point out that we are all just as God wants us, and I try not to point out differences in a negative light. I want them to love all the different beauty that our Father created, and yet I don't point out anyone, I just say something if the girls mention it. So, if the people we saw happen to become our new neighbors I hope my girls don's say anything unkind. I know they are just children, but I would rather not get off on the wrong foot with someone who may live by us for a while.

Another instance in which kids say the "darnedest" ...
So we babysit an infant boy named Jacob... the girls have never seemed to notice what makes him different as a boy and since I am not looking forward to explaining the birds and the bees, I'm not going to be the one to bring it up. So, I was changing Jacob's diaper today and Bella was sitting nearby. I try to be quick at changing diapers, but wasn't quick enough. Bella states "I like Jacob's circle". Hoping she was talking about his belly button I asked "what circle?" . She got embarrassed. Normally she gets like this if she thinks she's not saying something the right way. Not wanting her to get upset, I asked "His belly button?". She said "no, the circle in his diaper". Oh, great.

Claire's great ideas today
"wouldn't it be great if no one every got sick"
"Wouldn't it be funny if no one had mouths" I think she didn't want to hear Jacob fussing at this point.

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