Wednesday, March 10, 2010

well, a while ago I believe I mentioned that Bella was loving to roll herself up in their little couch. recently when she got her new big girl bed for her birthday we moved the little couch onto the floor next to her bed- in case she fell out. yesterday, I went in her room to wake her up from her nap to go to dance class. I found her wrapped up in the couch on the bed. all I could see was a foot sticking out. She was sound asleep. when she heard me take a picture she woke up. She was so proud of herself for coming up with the idea of sleeping that way.
well, every night we go in to make sure the girls are covered up and warm... Last night when we went in, she was wrapped up in the couch again. This time she also had her umbrellas opened and tucked into the couch kinda forming a tent. Once again I got the camera out, once again it disturbed her, but I couldn't neglect taking a photo of that. priceless!! when she awoke I explained that we couldn't sleep with umbrellas. I told her they were too pokey. she was okay with that.

This morning she requested crackers. To clarify I questioned "animal crackers?". She told me "not real animals. just crackers, nice animals". apparently she's had some mean crackers somewhere else. poor thing, must have been a bad experience.

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