Saturday, November 20, 2010

We started our ant farm for home school this week. When they arrived in the mail we set up the habitat and then introduced the ants to their new home. Of course we had to name all 25 ants.
Pizza, Aliza, Thomas, Butter, Honey, Grass, Tree, Elizabeth, Nine (was the name of number 9), Ten (name of #10), Bella, Bella 2, (she had to write those on her own), Head, Eyeballs, Cheeks, Lips, Cup, Bowl, Three (no, not the name of #3, but #19), Twenty, Shirt, Shoe, Hair, Skin, and #25 came dead
Of course they look in the habitat and say "oh, there's Aliza".
What fun! they wrote in their science journals about the ants and had to draw a traced hand with an ant on it and wrote about how the ant's would bite! I'm glad they got that into their head so they don't start trying to "hold" their new pets.

B looked at my baby bump today and said "you don't have a belly button". Which therefore inspired her to sing the veggie tale song "he don't got a belly button- bel- ly bu-tton' repeatedly.
Our new room on the house is just about finished. We moved our furniture in two weeks ago and have really been enjoying the extra space. The girls especially have loved it. they have a giant king size bed to jump on!! They have new closets to hide in!! We both have our dressers tucked into our closet and for some reason the girls have decided they like that idea. in Micah's closet they found they can get on top of his chest of drawers since it's about 3.5 ft tall. then when they are on it they become a teacher (???). so, last night B get's on top the dresser and says "okay, I da teacher. Daddy come on" so micah is sitting on the bed next to C and B says "Okay now do dis" as she gives a dance move example. Then moves onto the next instruction "now shake." she pauses, "shake like a wet dog". Hilarious. where did she hear that? Then she said "do something that's good for everyone" Then she gave us examples of what that might be "hug someone, kiss your mom, kiss their hair, kiss their tummy, kiss their ears". we were all cracking up, but she wasn't done. "kiss their bum". OH, BROTHER! all this inspired by a dresser in a closet that begs to be taught from? What is this teacher thing? I guess they are on a pedestal or soap box. they are in charge.

Tonight B ate an onion out of her Thai Basil Chicken and said "I ate an onion!" I asked if she liked it and she said "I didn't taste it". So this inspired C to try one too. they both decided that the onions couldn't be tasted in this dish. Wow! after all this time thinking they were "gross", they finally see that they are GREAT! I hope we can move forward from here.

Wednesday I went to the Dr and she told me all my late night contractions had amounted to... NOTHING. I had made no progress. this really discouraged me. Of course my lovely girls new the perfect words to comfort me. I went in to get C after rest time and she says "when I look at your belly I don't think baby E is ever coming out". oh i wanted to burst into tears again. Knowing C didn't realize what she was saying, I held the tears in. I said after making sure my voice wouldn't reveal my sadness "of course she's coming out. she'll be here soon". I guess to a 5 yr old nine months is even longer than it is for a 30 yr old.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

C has been getting leg cramps lately. poor girl! i had them all the time growing up and hated them. it would seem to be mainly at night and wake me up with just awful dull pain that wouldn't go away. so monday night she starts having leg cramps so we get out the icy-hot and the hot rice bag. I also start massaging her poor little legs. she's distracted enough for a while playing games and with grandma's kitten. then on the way home she's no longer distracted and all she can do is moan the word "ouch, ow, ouchy". B is trying to figure out what is wrong with the sis she loves. we say that she is growing and it is making her legs hurt. B says "I don't cry when I growing. I am happy when I grow" emphasis on the "I" . i told her that C 's muscles are hurting. B says "but she's whinning". of course this stems from the ongoing battle at home to "STOP WHINING". so we explained that C can't help it and then Micah and I laugh about B's comments.

c asks micah the other day "does Baby E know that I love her?" Micah, wanting to feed her little ego says "Of course she does". C replies "but she doesn't even know what those words mean". so, surprised at her intelligent retort he says "well she'll learn that you love her".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, we've been having car battery problems. It all started quite a while ago when one of the girls left the over head light on all night. That happened again two more times over a couple months. I decided to turn the interior lights off completely so it wouldn't happen anymore. Well, a couple weeks ago I went out to the van on Saturday morning to take the girls to gymnastics and found the back hatch of the van open. Micah had gone out the night before to unload something heavy and forgotten to return to the van to shut the back. So it was super dead. For the next couple weeks the van would struggle to start. Well, yesterday it was dead again. while leaving the church Fall Festival of Fun Bella hit the light with her head and left it on all night (since the driver, Micah, forgot to turn off all overhead lights). so we had to ask our neighbor Andy to jump the battery so we could make it to our appointment. As we were leaving the apt we said "Lord, please let the van start". It did and we thankfully made it to our next destination, Hallmark, to buy a gift for Auntie Pat. As we get back in the van we again were asking for the Lord to help the van start. so the girls feel as if they need to follow suite. Bella says with her hands crossed over her heart "in my heart, let the car start". she kept up saying "in all my heart, let it start" . when it started she changed to "thanks in all my heart". oh, how the Lord must have been pleased by her sweet innocent words. where in the world did she learn it? she was so dramatic.