Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, we've been having car battery problems. It all started quite a while ago when one of the girls left the over head light on all night. That happened again two more times over a couple months. I decided to turn the interior lights off completely so it wouldn't happen anymore. Well, a couple weeks ago I went out to the van on Saturday morning to take the girls to gymnastics and found the back hatch of the van open. Micah had gone out the night before to unload something heavy and forgotten to return to the van to shut the back. So it was super dead. For the next couple weeks the van would struggle to start. Well, yesterday it was dead again. while leaving the church Fall Festival of Fun Bella hit the light with her head and left it on all night (since the driver, Micah, forgot to turn off all overhead lights). so we had to ask our neighbor Andy to jump the battery so we could make it to our appointment. As we were leaving the apt we said "Lord, please let the van start". It did and we thankfully made it to our next destination, Hallmark, to buy a gift for Auntie Pat. As we get back in the van we again were asking for the Lord to help the van start. so the girls feel as if they need to follow suite. Bella says with her hands crossed over her heart "in my heart, let the car start". she kept up saying "in all my heart, let it start" . when it started she changed to "thanks in all my heart". oh, how the Lord must have been pleased by her sweet innocent words. where in the world did she learn it? she was so dramatic.

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