Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our new room on the house is just about finished. We moved our furniture in two weeks ago and have really been enjoying the extra space. The girls especially have loved it. they have a giant king size bed to jump on!! They have new closets to hide in!! We both have our dressers tucked into our closet and for some reason the girls have decided they like that idea. in Micah's closet they found they can get on top of his chest of drawers since it's about 3.5 ft tall. then when they are on it they become a teacher (???). so, last night B get's on top the dresser and says "okay, I da teacher. Daddy come on" so micah is sitting on the bed next to C and B says "Okay now do dis" as she gives a dance move example. Then moves onto the next instruction "now shake." she pauses, "shake like a wet dog". Hilarious. where did she hear that? Then she said "do something that's good for everyone" Then she gave us examples of what that might be "hug someone, kiss your mom, kiss their hair, kiss their tummy, kiss their ears". we were all cracking up, but she wasn't done. "kiss their bum". OH, BROTHER! all this inspired by a dresser in a closet that begs to be taught from? What is this teacher thing? I guess they are on a pedestal or soap box. they are in charge.

Tonight B ate an onion out of her Thai Basil Chicken and said "I ate an onion!" I asked if she liked it and she said "I didn't taste it". So this inspired C to try one too. they both decided that the onions couldn't be tasted in this dish. Wow! after all this time thinking they were "gross", they finally see that they are GREAT! I hope we can move forward from here.

Wednesday I went to the Dr and she told me all my late night contractions had amounted to... NOTHING. I had made no progress. this really discouraged me. Of course my lovely girls new the perfect words to comfort me. I went in to get C after rest time and she says "when I look at your belly I don't think baby E is ever coming out". oh i wanted to burst into tears again. Knowing C didn't realize what she was saying, I held the tears in. I said after making sure my voice wouldn't reveal my sadness "of course she's coming out. she'll be here soon". I guess to a 5 yr old nine months is even longer than it is for a 30 yr old.

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