Saturday, November 20, 2010

We started our ant farm for home school this week. When they arrived in the mail we set up the habitat and then introduced the ants to their new home. Of course we had to name all 25 ants.
Pizza, Aliza, Thomas, Butter, Honey, Grass, Tree, Elizabeth, Nine (was the name of number 9), Ten (name of #10), Bella, Bella 2, (she had to write those on her own), Head, Eyeballs, Cheeks, Lips, Cup, Bowl, Three (no, not the name of #3, but #19), Twenty, Shirt, Shoe, Hair, Skin, and #25 came dead
Of course they look in the habitat and say "oh, there's Aliza".
What fun! they wrote in their science journals about the ants and had to draw a traced hand with an ant on it and wrote about how the ant's would bite! I'm glad they got that into their head so they don't start trying to "hold" their new pets.

B looked at my baby bump today and said "you don't have a belly button". Which therefore inspired her to sing the veggie tale song "he don't got a belly button- bel- ly bu-tton' repeatedly.

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