Friday, December 3, 2010

we were out to dinner with my aunt Linda and uncle Mike at the Iowa Machine Shed and B had been pretty shy all afternoon. we think that looking at her Papa's twin was a little eerie for her. So, my outgoing daughter was quiet and my shy girl was talking up a storm (???). I took the girls to the bathroom and B perked up a bit. She had to dance in front of the mirror and then as we were walking out, well, she was running, she stops and while waving her arms says "Listen to me, I'm serious". Then kept running. ??? What? she's so random sometimes.

Even better...
that day at lunch we were at Panera standing in line to order our food and I got a tap on my leg. I looked down to see what was going on... B points with her finger and her eyes to something she is finding odd. By her expression I can tell she thinks something isn't quite right, rather, it's out of place. I look in the direction she's pointing... and I see a little person. I knew this was her first time seeing a little person and I didn't know what to do. He could see her pointing and was waiting to see my response. I told B "Say hi, B". She drew closer to my leg and the man said "hi, are you shy?". I responded for her "yes, she is shy, especially of men". the man said "how old are you?". I again responded for her "she's three, this one is five, and this one is five days old." the little person, who was about B's height, said "wow, five days! I don't think we were out that early with my son after we had him. He's three, too." I'm not sure what else we said, I think we had finished placing our order and headed to the table. I told B that "he's a daddy, but he's just small". C didn't know what to think and didn't really comment. When I first turned around I thought "do I tell him she's never seen a little person". then I thought I better not say anything like that, he probably gets kids stairs all the time, he's used to this. He did handle it really well. it was I who didn't know what to do. I had to keep talking to him to fill the awkward silence. When we left mom and I were hashing over the story to laugh again. Mom asked "how did you know that guy?". I told her "I didn't know him". which made the whole thing even more funny. Mom asked why, then, was I talking so familiarly with him. I said it was only because I had no clue what to do. ahh! there should be a class you can take on how to handle such situations.

B's latest nickname for C "you little muffin maker".

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