Tuesday, March 23, 2010

well so many things have transpired... we had Bella's 3rd birthday right after the girls had pneumonia. Then we had a week to get ready to go to Virginia to visit Aunt Tessa.
The visit to Aunt Tessa was so eventful.
Day one:
arrived, had to look around the house, had a snack.
Dave came over and helped us open presents.
Dave helped us set up the tent that came with the sleeping bags.
Ken and Erin came over and we played and played.
By the end Ken was dressed in a feather hat, apron, and was serving us dinner.

Day two:
first thing in the morning we went to the Library, picked out 29 books and 3 movies.
I think during the course of the week we read all 29 books.
Then we met another of Aunt Tessa's friends, Andie and her two little ones at the Thomas Rd Kid's Cove. The Kid's Cove was quite large and there were many children so it was very overwhelming for the girls. They had a hard time playing in such a large place. Andie and her two kids were so sweet and it was very nice meeting them.
we had lunch there and then headed home for a rest time.
then we headed to Romp 'n' Roll. that was a bit better for the girls. All padded and jumpy play things and not very many kids. they had a wonderful time, but were a quite tuckered out by the time we went to Dave's house for Pizza with his parents. The girls were quite shy, being so tired. So it took them quite a long time to warm up. What finally got them to interact with Dave's parents was serving them play food. This lead to the need for bowls. Dave had some large metal mixing bowls that started out as just bowls, but ended up being "sleds". they had the greatest time having Dave pull them around in circles and down the hall in races.
Boy did they sleep well in their cots that night.

Day three:
Tessa had to work, we went shopping, then to an early rest time. We had a play date with Joy and her kids. Claire and Bella just loved Saige, Piper, and Solomon. We headed home for Japanese food and Then went for Ice cream with Dave.

Day four: Tessa, again, had to work. We hung out with Sabrina that morning, whom Bella called "Arina". She took us to see her mom's horse. We took her to work, then played at the playground there at the daycare. We went home to Tessa's for lunch and found that we didn't have the right key. So we had to get lunch somewhere and that somewhere happened to be Olive Garden. Then since the girls needed somewhere to "rest" we went to the Dollar theater and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakual. We were supposed to be making dinner instead of being locked out. So we just had macaroni and left overs. Then we watched Up with Dave and Tessa- their first time. Claire made sure to narrate.

Day five:
Tessa took us to the children's museum (which at the moment I cannot remember what it's called). It was amazing. The girls loved it. They got to milk a cow statue, walk on stairs that lit under your feet, build a Native American village, ride a Batauex (whatever the french word for boat is), paint a glass room, and so much more. Yet Bella's favorite thing was the caterpillar statue work of art outside that we could only view. Then we went to Water Stone for Pizza- YUMM! That afternoon we were coloring and Claire started the phrase "Nice doin' it!". She like d what I was coloring and that was what came out in her haste to express herself. Ken, Erin and Dave all came over that evening and Bella made best buds with Ken, since he had an iphone.

Day six:
We went to peaksview park. Met Mrs. Jackie there. Had a picnic, then on the way out we saw my old pal Art. That night we had Ken and Erin over for a "girls night". Claire made dinner (Bella was too tired even after a long nap). On the menu was Pigs in a Blanket, and individual scalloped Potatoe "cups". It was delicious. Then we did nails (even Ken's). Erin told us how when she was at school and said several times "nice doin' it". Then we watched up again. Ken had downloaded several apps for Bella on his Iphone.

Day seven:
we got up a little early (due to Bella noticing I was gone and she started screaming). We got on the road and gave Claire dramamine right away so she wouldn't get sick. Well, we didn't know Bella would beat her to it. Bella started wriggling in her seat and making uncomfortable noises. then I looked back and saw that she had her hand in front of her mouth. I tried to give her a plastic bag, but she got mad. Then puked up oatmeal and curdled milk. since we were in the mountains on a two lain road, there was not even a shoulder to pull off onto. we finally found a little spot and cleaned her up. Having to get her dressed in the cold mountain air didn't make her happy, but there was no other choice. Well, when Claire saw Bella throw up hers wasn't far behind. At least she knew to put it in the trash can. What fun! We made it to the Hotel by 4:30 and walked around the mall then got dinner.

Yesterday our first official day back it was nice enough to play outside. Bella had a runny nose and we kept having to get her tissues to wipe all the snot. Claire came in at one point, wanting to be very helpful, and asked for a tissue. She said Bella needed it and she wanted to get it for her. So, she got some tissue out of the bathroom and went outside to wipe Bella's nose. She just had to come to the front door, knock, and tell me all about it. Who knew how exciting wiping your sis's nose could be. She told me "Bella's nose was really messy. I wiped it, but there was still more snot and she didn't want me to wipe anymore. So, I told her to close her eyes. I knew if she closed her eyes, I could wipe her nose and she wouldn't even know I did it. Then when she opened her eyes she was happy."

One runny nose on Monday, a return of pneumonia on Tuesday.
threw up her phlegm in the chiro's office all over the floor.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So the house right beside us is for sale... We watch occasionally to see who is looking at the house. I've been praying for a young couple to move in so we can have friends nearby to cook out with and such. So, Bella happened to be sitting on the trunk at the window watching the outside world. Well, there was a couple looking at the house next door. They happened to be African-American, we have never addressed the subject of different races much past "some people have light skin and some have medium, some have dark. Some have blond hair, brown, red, or black. Some have blue eyes..." you get where I'm going... "then I am always sure to say that God made each of us just the way he wanted us. We are all beautiful just the way God made us. And it would be boring if we were all the same". So when Bella said "that's the mommy. she's black" I was stunned. I mean I guess she is right. Claire had just never used words like black or white, she had said "dark and light". Well, then Bella took me way off guard when she said "I no like her". What?? So, I tried not to show my surprise. I said calmly "why?". She didn't have an answer. I know I've done my best to point out that we are all just as God wants us, and I try not to point out differences in a negative light. I want them to love all the different beauty that our Father created, and yet I don't point out anyone, I just say something if the girls mention it. So, if the people we saw happen to become our new neighbors I hope my girls don's say anything unkind. I know they are just children, but I would rather not get off on the wrong foot with someone who may live by us for a while.

Another instance in which kids say the "darnedest" ...
So we babysit an infant boy named Jacob... the girls have never seemed to notice what makes him different as a boy and since I am not looking forward to explaining the birds and the bees, I'm not going to be the one to bring it up. So, I was changing Jacob's diaper today and Bella was sitting nearby. I try to be quick at changing diapers, but wasn't quick enough. Bella states "I like Jacob's circle". Hoping she was talking about his belly button I asked "what circle?" . She got embarrassed. Normally she gets like this if she thinks she's not saying something the right way. Not wanting her to get upset, I asked "His belly button?". She said "no, the circle in his diaper". Oh, great.

Claire's great ideas today
"wouldn't it be great if no one every got sick"
"Wouldn't it be funny if no one had mouths" I think she didn't want to hear Jacob fussing at this point.
well, a while ago I believe I mentioned that Bella was loving to roll herself up in their little couch. recently when she got her new big girl bed for her birthday we moved the little couch onto the floor next to her bed- in case she fell out. yesterday, I went in her room to wake her up from her nap to go to dance class. I found her wrapped up in the couch on the bed. all I could see was a foot sticking out. She was sound asleep. when she heard me take a picture she woke up. She was so proud of herself for coming up with the idea of sleeping that way.
well, every night we go in to make sure the girls are covered up and warm... Last night when we went in, she was wrapped up in the couch again. This time she also had her umbrellas opened and tucked into the couch kinda forming a tent. Once again I got the camera out, once again it disturbed her, but I couldn't neglect taking a photo of that. priceless!! when she awoke I explained that we couldn't sleep with umbrellas. I told her they were too pokey. she was okay with that.

This morning she requested crackers. To clarify I questioned "animal crackers?". She told me "not real animals. just crackers, nice animals". apparently she's had some mean crackers somewhere else. poor thing, must have been a bad experience.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we've had a few days without posts, because we have had a few sick days. Thursday the girls started out with a cold... fever... more fever... high fever... by monday they hit 103.5 and we needed to get into the dr. we weren't getting better on rest, chicky soup, and lots of fluids, so we hit the dr. it was awful!!! first they said there was only one apt so i had to choose who to have seen. Bella was worse off than Claire and so I knew she needed attention first. We got there and it wasn't our regular dr. It was an older, less friendly, no time for the kids to warm up dr. when he asked me questions I was answering "they..." so he finally said, "well, who are we seeing? " . I told him that both had the same thing, but there was only one apt so the other kid had to come back another day. the dr said "they made you choose??" he went out to the receptionist and asked for Claire's file and told her he was treating them both. they both were diagnosed with pneumonia. so then they had to get blood tests. okay they might as well have sawed off their finger. the prick was detrimental. they pricked their finger, then "milked" enough blood for the test. we were restraining them and I hate that. they look at you like you are torturing them. Claire said later when I was describing our apt to Micah "I don't want to hear about that again".
so then we started the antibiotic... Bella looked like she could hardly keep her eyes open. the next morning she also looked very droopy eyed, which the prescription said was a side effect that you needed to inform your dr of right away. so the office receptionist told us to come in to the office. we didn't have an apt so we had to be seen at the clinic side, and waited 45 min. so then when we saw the dr, which was the same dr as the night before, bella immediately started crying and clinging to Nana. he looked at them after hearing what I said and told me that "you didn't need to come in ". he had asked if we had a history of some crazy muscle thing, or if the girls were exhibiting any other muscle weakness, when the answer was no, he said the receptionist shouldn't have had us come in. so then that night when they started having other side effects that we were supposed to inform our dr of... we called the on call dr. i was happier to talk to the oncall dr, instead of a receptionist. he said we were fine. i asked about the apt we didn't have to come to and if he knew if they might credit our account for the misunderstanding. i really don't have $50 to wash down the drain. so he said he would take care of it.
now we are just dealing with whines, and coughs. they are daily getting better, eating a bit more and playing a little. after spending all weekend on the couch that is a huge improvement. though after a few minutes of play, they are soon exhausted.
tonight bella wanted me to lay with her, she wasn't quite settled in to her new bed. so i laid... and laid... and she wanted to hide- i told her i don't like laying with my head under the sheets because it gets to hot. she was offended that i wouldn't want to hide with her. then micah came home and wanted to peek in her room- i said "are you kidding". here I was trying to get her to sleep and we really didn't need any interruptions. automatically that perked bella wide awake. she said "that was daddy, I like daddy". I reminded her that we were trying to sleep. I asked her to rub my face so I could fall asleep. knowing how tired I get when I have to rub their backs, I thought it might put her to sleep if she did it to me. well, the sweet soft hand on my face soon started poking me. then she accidently hit herself in the face. oh, sweet motherhood. so, I finally laid down the utlimatum. I told her that she had to close her eyes, and lay still. she did. then told me "I can't see". Of course I explained why we aren't supposed to be able to see when we are trying to sleep. I did have to leave, and she fussed for a while. I was in the kitchen putting some things away and Claire so dutifully informed me "someone is crying". what is halarious is that she one, thought I couldn't hear the crying, and two: wasn't sure who was crying. like we have rooms full of toddlers that all sound the same.

this afternoon we were telling Claire that maybe when she's older, seven I think I purposed, she could go visit Nana and Papa on her own. Just her and Bella. She looked a bit puzzled. Then Nana mentioned that Tessa and I had done that when we were growing up. So, Claire thought, okay they are serious, how am I going to work this out. Her solution (or great idea) "Yeah, bella could ride in her car seat, and I could drive." She said this with such confidence and enthusiasm it was sad we had to bring her into reality. We explained how we meant she would fly. I was glad to see she was excited about flying as much as driving.