Tuesday, November 9, 2010

C has been getting leg cramps lately. poor girl! i had them all the time growing up and hated them. it would seem to be mainly at night and wake me up with just awful dull pain that wouldn't go away. so monday night she starts having leg cramps so we get out the icy-hot and the hot rice bag. I also start massaging her poor little legs. she's distracted enough for a while playing games and with grandma's kitten. then on the way home she's no longer distracted and all she can do is moan the word "ouch, ow, ouchy". B is trying to figure out what is wrong with the sis she loves. we say that she is growing and it is making her legs hurt. B says "I don't cry when I growing. I am happy when I grow" emphasis on the "I" . i told her that C 's muscles are hurting. B says "but she's whinning". of course this stems from the ongoing battle at home to "STOP WHINING". so we explained that C can't help it and then Micah and I laugh about B's comments.

c asks micah the other day "does Baby E know that I love her?" Micah, wanting to feed her little ego says "Of course she does". C replies "but she doesn't even know what those words mean". so, surprised at her intelligent retort he says "well she'll learn that you love her".

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