Saturday, October 30, 2010

well, it is the day before Halloween and Dad decided that we had to carve at least one pumpkin. I'm not a stick in the mud about doing things like that, but in such chaos I would rather not add to the mess. So, we did one pumpkin, I knew the girls would loose patience if we tried to tackle two. then mom and dad would end up carving pumpkins, since we usually don't let our children handle sharp objects such as knives. so the girls decided to make a "fancy, girly" jack-o-lantern. with eyelashes and pretty lips. so micah starts carving and makes silly eyes, he had forgotten all about the pretty request. so we ended up having a silly and pretty pumpkin. they didn't want to stick their hands inside the pumpkin, even with gloves on their hands. too, icky! they did get to pull out some of the pieces as micah cut them. we lit the pumpkin and took pictures. maybe next year they will be more into the whole festivities of pumpkin carving.

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