Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yesterday I went in to get B from her nap- or I guess I should say what was supposed to be her nap- I was helping her clean up and found a barbie doll. she had colored on this barbie doll... in two spots (literally spots) on her chest. I asked "why did you color on barbie?". Her answer began with her lifting her shirt and pointing "she didn't have these". the crayon wiped right off, but of course I had to tell Micah later. When C heard about it she ran to go look at the doll and was very disappointed that the dots were gone. I told her I didn't try to get them off, they just didn't stick. she felt so left out for not being able to see the doll.

The day before when I was getting ready for bed I found one of my bracelets- correction: what was once one of my bracelets- piled on a pillow and covered by another pillow. So I went upstairs to ask B what had happened to my bracelet and let her know that she is welcome to tell me when she accidentally breaks something. she was zonked out already. the next morning I showed her the bracelet remains. she lowered her head, so I inquired "where did mommy find this?". Her answer "on your bed. I did this". I of course asked why she didn't tell me, if she thought she'd get in trouble. She did think she'd be in trouble, so of course I let her know she wasn't in trouble for accidentally breaking something and to tell me next time. Of course it was one of my favorite bracelets- but also one of my favorite daughters 8*)

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