Wednesday, October 13, 2010

who's idea was this?

Well, about two weeks ago we had some beautiful weather so we decided to have a picnic at the park. Shortly after arriving at the park I sat down on a bench with Jacob in the stroller next to me. The girls went to the play equipment and the fun began. The park wasn't too busy, just about four other kids, all boys under the age of 4 and their parents. I was starving and started in on the picnic, Bella headed to the tall swirly slide. One of us made a mistake, and it wasn't the one on the park bench. All the beautiful blond did was wait in line for the slide... there was a mom, whom I thought was a grandma, and her little boy who had been going down the slide repetitively. She would go down first and the boy would follow and use her as a road block at the end of the slide. Personally, I thought he was too young to be going down by himself, at only around 2.5 yrs old, but like I'm gonna say something. So, in the front of the line is the mom, then the boy, then Bella bringing up the rear. The mom went down as usual (sorry, this is the boring portion of the story, but hang on a bit longer, gotta give you the background), then her son not as usual. He spun around and ended up head first. He must have been scared, but I don't see how he could have been hurt. The mom stands up and says "Someone must have pushed you. (feeding the child a line) Did someone push you?". Sitting quietly on the park bench I think to myself "She couldn't possibly think Bella pushed him?". The boys mom (we'll call her Mrs. OR, short for Over-Reactor) then says "Did you see what happened?". Thinking she must be talking to one of the other parents at the park, maybe they knew each other, I ignored this question. I wondered why she was making such a big deal. Mrs OR repeats herself "Did you see what happened?". So, this time I glance up and realize she is speaking to me. What do I say? "Oh, I didn't realize you were talking to me. Yes, I saw what happened. He went down the slide and spun around. No one pushed him." Mrs. OR- "Well, he's never gone down that way before, someone must have pushed him". Apparently she has never heard the saying "A first time for everything", or "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt". Either of these widely popular, tried and true sayings would have explained the entire situation. I wanted to bring to her attention that a boy his size shouldn't have been going down by himself, but rather he should have been in someone's lap. I decided to re-emphasize the fact that "she didn't push him". Mrs. OR was too busy to even hear what I was saying, she was ranting up a storm. she was also getting a little to close for comfort and quite irate, so I grabbed my cell phone and held it within reach of dialing 911. I was hoping I wouldn't have to report a crazy lady beating up a pregnant lady at the park. Mrs. OR says "You need to make your children behave". At this point I really am in amazement. Seriously??? I let the psycho know that my kids are very well behaved and I've never seen them push anyone (except maybe each other or cousin Grady and that then it was probably in a wrestling match). These statements made while I'm half laughing in unbelief. Mrs. OR goes on to say "You just wait until it happens to your kid". I told her of course I'd be "upset if someone pushed my kid, but no one pushed him. If you are unhappy playing at the park with us, you are free to leave". Of course I'm being nice this whole time, but had to put it clearly. She let me know she would leave, and she continued in her rage, while putting the boy in the stroller. Of course, he has been fine for the last several minutes, but Bella has been just sitting at the top of the slide with a concerned look on her face. I told her to go down, reassuring her that she'd done nothing wrong. Mrs. OR walked away repeating the rant she had been on. One of the other moms came over after OR was out of the picture and asked what was going on. we laughed about it and she, too, couldn't believe the whole thing. She was in agreement that Bella hadn't pushed the boy. In the meantime her son was sitting in Claire's way on the stairs and I observed that Claire waited patiently, not pushing, not trying to go around, just being patient. Claire didn't want to confront this young stranger she would rather just wait. My kids are too shy. There's no way Bella would have pushed this kid. Let's give Mrs. OR a round of applause for setting such a good example for her son. I'm sure he'll never come home from school because of fighting. Who's idea was it to go to the park anyway?

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