Friday, September 24, 2010

Pick your poison: carrots or crayons?

Okay, so once again it's been tooooooo long since I've blogged. So much has happened and I, of course regret not writing it down to remember. This week has been quite full and I didn't want to forget some of these for sure.
I went in to get Bella from nap time and she says- "I ate a crayon. It was YUCKY! It's stuck in my teeth. Get it out!" I asked her why "I just did. I not gonna do this tomorrow". She said it was a brown crayon, so I asked if she thought it was going to taste like chocolate. "yep"

Today at lunch Claire didn't want to eat her soup because it had carrots in it. Let it be known that she has had this same soup before. I made a few batches and froze them, so it was exactly the same as the kind she had before. she loved it the first time (of course she took the carrots out). So, today she freaks out about the carrots. She asks if she can eat something else. OOOH! we've been working on being grateful and not complaining. so I told her it was fine if she took the carrots out, but she needed to eat the rest. She saw little flecks of red/orange. these were pementos or peppers, I don't know, but they were small enough that she wouldn't feel them or taste them. However, since she could see them she thought for sure it would taste like carrots. so I said she needed to eat the soup, or she would not have anything else to eat until she did. She took a while, but eventually tried the soup. she loved it. she ate it all. now how did her mother know she would. Of course she asked why I put carrots in it if I knew she didn't like them. so I go up to use the restroom during nap and see her reading her bible in her room. she was reading about Moses. she saw that there were stories about him as a child and then adult. she had been reading them alone, but wanted me to read more so she could find out what happened. So we read about the Isrealites escaping Egypt. she was amazed how God kept taking care of his people. I then told her that those same people would complain about the food that God provided for them after leaving the slavery in Egypt. Of course I was hinting on how we are not supposed to complain when we have been taken care of so well. I didn't say this bluntly I was easing my way into it. She said "I know! I know why God gave us this story. He wanted me to know not to complain." Hello, my name is Claire. I'm an extremely smart 5 yr old. I told her that I knew God was pleased that she figured His story out. Now, if only that meant she would never complain again AND eat all her carrots. How can a girl like broccoli and not carrots?

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