Friday, July 9, 2010

I can't believe it's actually been a month since I last posted. AHHHH!!!! and to think i titled my blog "everyday memories". I guess I was a little presumptious.

Well, everyone but Micah knew that he says "correct" all the time. So of course at some point the children would pick up on that and begin to say it themselves. I recall Claire saying it quite some time ago. Bella has recently picked it up as one of her catch phrases. It started last Friday... we went to a nearby cafe to sit outside and eat lunch on a beautiful day. Micah was home for lunch and we thought we'd do something special with the kids. After lunch as we were leaving, Bella says "last time the doors were locked". I didn't know what she was recalling. Then it clicked. She was talking about the first time we tried to go to that cafe for Mother's day lunch and it was closed. The doors were locked. So, when I was able to connect her words with what happened, I told Micah what she was talking about. Bella heard me explaining her statement and said "I am correct". Poor younger siblings always having to defend themselves.
A couple days later Micah was out in the front yard watching the girls play in their pools. A girl rode by on her bike and Bella said "that's Abigail". Claire didn't think it was and argued "no it's not Abigail". Bella rebutted with "it is Abigail. I am correct. You not correct." When all this happened Micah finally realized that he said "correct" quite often. So, often in fact, that everyone else knew, but him.

Last night I was putting the girls to bed and Bella was so extremely tired that she could hardly stand. Truthfully, she kept falling: off the toilet while she stood there brushing her teeth, just walking from room to room, and while putting on her pajamas. She had acquired a "booboo" earlier that day while riding her scooter outside. It was really just a misquito bite that had been scratched open and bled a little. Of course to her it was a big deal. Anyone she saw for the next 24 hours she let them know "I dot a booboo and it bled a wot". After all her falls at bedtime she went to check out her booboos and noticed a blister on the back of her foot (that she had first seen the evening before) had lost the skin. She said, in absolute terror "my skin! it come off". With this she got off the bed and began to run to the bathroom. Right away I knew she was going there to retrieve the skin that had fallen off. Bella was thinking she could put the skin back on and everything would be fine. Being the reasonable mom that I am, I let her know that "the skin isn't in the bathroom and we can't put it back on". I told her it was okay that the skin had come off and that it was part of how it would heal. The look on her face and her thinking she could put skin back on- priceless!!

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