Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well we have had several really warm days. In fact I'm a little disappointed that we kinda skipped the 70*s and went to mid 80*s. I guess it's better than snow, and we'll probably get some true springlike days sometime soon.
Anyway, of course the ice cream man took advantage of the unusually warm weather. He came around our neighborhood around 2:30. Right smack dab in the middle of nap time. Bella had just fallen asleep and Claire was playing quietly. I had thankfully already awoken from my slumber and came up stairs to see what Claire would do when she heard that infamous music. She saw me peaking and started excitedly exclaiming "the ice cream truck!!". I told her she could trade some of her gold nuggets (points for good character actions) in for ice cream. Of course she would decide that was a great plan. So, we went out to the truck and of course the amount I had given her was the perfect amount for one of those silly gum-ball-eye-characters. Well, I was forward enough to ask the Ice cream man if he could come back next time at more like 3:30 since it was in the middle of nap time. While all this was going on, Bella had peaked out her window and saw us go across the street behind the van. She ran out of her room, out the front door and started crying. The ice cream man apologized and I allowed Bella to get some ice cream, too. So, they only had an hour rest time today when normally it is three hours. Yikes!! After planting flowers and playing outside all morning, and hour is not going to cut it.
I hope they make it through AWANAs tonight.
When we were planting flowers Claire was so disappointed that we were not planting seeds. She must have thought that planting the actual seedlings was cheating. We also planted seeds, so we'll see if they make it.

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