Thursday, June 10, 2010

so Bella is sick- again. I guess it doesn't help that I "agreed" (rather was "forced") to take baby J (whom we watch 4 days a week) when he was sick. so she's been having asthma attacks, coughing uncontrollably or wheezing. In the past both the girls have coughed to the point of throwing up phlegm or even stomach contents. So, as Bella was going to bed she had a snack of ritz crackers and started coughing. As we all know when that happens you spit crackers from your mouth as you cough. Well, she hasn't had this experience before and so reacted differently than you or I would. She said "DADDY! DADDY! I THREW UP!". Micah had to convince her that it wasn't throw up.
Today, she called "I go potty mamma". So, I woke up from what was only going to be a 15 minute nap, and went upstairs to wipe a bottom. I got upstairs to find she had awoken baby J with her potty announcement. Then she let me know that her bed was "scratchy". I went in to discover crushed crackers all over her newly changed sheets. I asked her how the mess occured; had she sat on the crackers accidentally, or slept on them forgeting they were there? she showed me with her hands that she had crumbled them. I asked who she thought it was that would clean them up "mommy" was her honest reply. so I got the hand vacuum and had her clean them up. What a scoundrel!!

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