Friday, July 19, 2013

Planning my CC year

I am a great planner. Don't worry I'm not really bragging.  I can plan all I want, but sometimes when it comes to getting it finished I let life get in the way, or sometimes laziness/exhaustion.  However, the more I have planned the more likely I am to get something done.  At least that is my theory/hope.
I also like to use my momentum.  When I got back from Classical Conversation Practicum I was so full of information and excitement that I started getting my year laid out.  
If you remember in my post about<a href="http://"> my class on wheels</a> (I should insert a link,  hmm.  my first link on the blog lets see if I can get it figured out...that's the best I can do. That's my first embedded link, I hope it works) I showed  you a mini cycle 2 book in a glittery phtot album.  I printed out a second copy of the mini book to do my planning on.  

Each week I have written ideas for how I'm going to present the new material.  I wish you could see my chicken scratches but the pencil is showing up so light.  
I'll try to post my weekly ideas a ways in advance of when the actual week happens.
For now I wanted to share my plans for review games.  My thought/theory/hope is that if I have six review games that the students like, I can keep it to simply those six games.  Why six? That would mean I only need to reuse each games 4 times through our 24 weeks.  I figure they won't get old using them four times.  
Here are the six games I plan to use:
Bucket Toss review (this is a bit more time consuming and we don't have much to "review" the first week so I figure it will work for this 1st wk)
Rocket Review
Disc Toss
Big Dice
Sponge Stackers
Wait I said six, and there are seven listed.  Well, one must need a reserve in case a game is a flop.  You never know what kind of class you'll have, perhaps rowdy.  You may need to adjust the games to your specific group.  Another reason, is that I tend to be indecisive.  
So, next week I'm headed on a trip (leaving the hubby to fend for himself) to visit my sweet nephew (oh, and his parents whom I adore).  I thought I better start a series that I can work on while I'm away: Review Games.
Today we'll chat about the Bucket Toss.
Easy enough?  yes, but sometimes it's the simple things we overlook/overthink.
I am just using old buckets from around the house.  I don't like purchasing what I've got laying around already, even if they'd look "nicer".  Kids don't care about that, we do.

You can tell two are ice cream buckets and one an old easter bucket.  All you need is something that will catch your bean bags.
These are from a yard game someone gave us.  They're cute and just the right size.
The game will be played as follows:
Have the students line up if your room permits, hand out a bean bag to the first three in line.  The first is asked a review question, if they get it correct, they toss their bag into the bucket.  You can have each bucket labeled with a point value and keep track of the points on the board.
If you find your students miss the buckets, you can hang onto the bean bags, instead of passing them out.  You could give them three chances and hand them the bags they need.  However, I'm going to stay away from this if possible since it is so hard to fit in everything into a CC day and more throws take more tie.  
Simple and fun.asZ


  1. How has this game worked? Do the kids get bummed if they don't answer correctly and/or if they miss the bucket? I have 9 Apprentices.

    1. Some will be disappointed if they miss. That's why the plan was mainly to use this on the first week when there is a bit more time to spend on tossing. With a class of nine I would have two separate games going at once. Have one of your parents run a game and you can run the other. If you need to make it easy for them to hit the buckets by allowing them to stand within close range.