Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple CC Review Game

You know I've been trying to simplify CC planning.  So, I really only have about 6 games to use throughout the year.  I can repeat  each game 4 times and that takes up the whole 24 weeks of Classical Conversations.  You'll see in my post Planning my CC Year that I actually have 7 games, but you gotta have a spare, and one of the games I plan on mainly doing the first week.

So what is this colorful textured bucket? I should make you guess, but it may be too obvious.  This is one of my reused ice cream buckets filled with sponge "sticks".  Our local grocery store had sponges on sale 6 pack for $1 (I think you can find them at dollar stores and regular stores for about the same price) and I had seen on pinterest how to turn them into reusable water bombs.  I made some of the bombs and had these left.  Our CC director had brought in a jenga game this last year for review and that is where my sponge sticks were born.  
I told you my girls and I are visiting family (hubby's enjoying time for himself at home) so this is the only photo I have with me.  I'll tell you, though,  I cut them to be short sticks, and got approximately five per sponge.  Yes, we have 7 categories and I only have four colors of sponges.  I decided to make that part of the fun.  I'm not having a color per category.  I am writing the category at random on each stick.  They'll pull a stick from the ice cream bucket, read the category and week from the stick (history wk -5: would translate to five weeks back), I'll read the corresponding portion from the foundations guide, if they get it correct they get to stack the stick.  They will stack it like the blocks are stacked in jenga and we'll see how high it gets before falling.  I thought it would be fun to pull a stick and not know what category it will be.  You know most of the kids never want math, at least in our group:).  So, I'm sure it will be a big "ahhh" when they pull a stick and discover if it's a category they like.  
Variation, maybe for the second time we play this, or if you have a group that doesn't work well with winning as a team:
You could have them build their own personal stack to see how high it could get, instead of building as a class.  
I know, this is about $3, I hope you can swing it :)
Simple, yes.  Not much to explain as far as rules, this could hopefully be used for the youngers, middles, and olders.  
Hey, if the game isn't a success for your class, go make some water bombs :)


  1. What did you use to write the category on the bottom or did you attach a piece of paper to make the category more clear? Love this idea!

  2. This is a fun idea. The only problem is that in the beginning weeks, there will be few sponges to stack. So this might be a better game to introduce after a few weeks. I like to switch my review games every six weeks. I think I'll start with this game on week six. Thanks!

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