Friday, July 19, 2013

Planning my CC year

I am a great planner. Don't worry I'm not really bragging. I can plan all I want, but sometimes when it comes to getting it finished I let life get in the way, or sometimes laziness/exhaustion. However, the more I have planned the more likely I am to get something done. At least that is my theory/hope. I also like to use my momentum. When I got back from Classical Conversation Practicum I was so full of information and excitement that I started getting my year laid out. If you remember in my post about my class on wheels (I should insert a link, hmm. my first link on the blog lets see if I can get it figured out...that's the best I can do. That's my first embeded link, I hope it works) I showed you a mini cycle 2 book in a glittery phtot album. I printed out a second copy of the mini book to do my planning on.

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