Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 4

I'm sitting here waiting for dinner to finish, why must this delicious chicken take longer than its supposed to.  Good thing I have the hungry crew downstairs "working" on filling the new bean bag covers, or they'd be at my feet begging.
Onto the plans for week 4.
Timeline: You know I don't deviate much :)
just for fun I might bring in a fake campfire to sing around today.  Since we start with "Early Native Americans" I thought "Ooh, Teepee" but that's not very feasible.  I do have a little round princess tent, but we aren't all going to fit.  So, it might be fun to sit around a campfire and learn our Timeline today, still with CC's hand motions and the song. Found a cute fake campfire here. 

I might ask my MIL if she already has one (she's the children's ministry director at our church), but if not I'll throw one of these guys together.
Science: I have visuals of these three cycles - THANKS pinterest! I'll just tape them onto the wall and point to them as we repeat the grammar.  If I have time I might give a quick explanation, but moms can do that at home also.  A visual itself gives them something to absorb.
History: Ooh! this one is fun.  We'll sing the song a couple times, and then I'll write the sentence (of course this one's a long one, I'll have to write it before our CC day starts) on the board and we'll erase a word each time we repeat the song.  
Geography: To start I'll have to make sure I know hot to pronounce these (LOL).
I believe we'll be getting out our geography folders for this one.  After they locate the rivers I'll have them trace.  Then if time permits maybe I'll let them use pointers to find them on the big sheet map.
Math: 7's I'll quickly throw down 7 foam sheets. You know the craft foam the comes in great colors and is almost like sheets of paper.  Throw down seven in a circle, have one child stand in the center, the others take their place on a piece of foam and do it cake walk style.  Have the foam sheets numbered from 1-7, whoever ends up on 7 is the one in the middle.  (just came up with that, sounds fun:)
8's- grab the 8's from a couple card decks (playing cards, uno, whatever) Lay them out across the table and have the students take turns pointing to each card as you say the next number.  Maybe I should explain that better.  Have student A come up where you've got the cards and she points to each card as you say the next number, almost like the bouncing ball in karaoke.  
English: Chicken Dance!!! there's a great song on the web- might be able to find the post and link it later.  It's the chicken dance song (who doesn't love) and it fits the pronouns in order.  My class will be doing this for the next few weeks since we learn pronouns for a while. 
Latin: I  will print out the poster from week 3 and cut it into a "puzzle". I'll put stick tack, or masking tape on the back and have the kids come up and put them in order.  After they put them in order they can lead us in the song.  This one is going to have a time limit.  I'll probably give each student 1 min to put it in order so each kid gets a chance.  You could print half sized posters for each kid, have them all do it at the same time at their seat, then go around and have them lead in the song... I like saving on paper and prep when I can.  So, I'll try the one poster.
Review Game: Battleship (check out my previous post, I'm trying to get some of these things linked up, we'll see how that goes )

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  1. I am so thankful you have posted these plans. This is my first year in CC and I'm a tutor as well, so I'm thankful for you posting this to give me ideas. I do have a question though. In your review, are you only reviewing one subject or all subjects? Is the review 30 minutes long? How do you plan to do this? Thank you again!!!