Thursday, July 18, 2013

CC Tutor traveling white board handle

Okay, yesterday I showed  you my traveling white board.  Well, it was incomplete and thanks to your accountability I needed to finish it today.  I was being lazy and waiting to have my hubby drill the holes. Good grief, Ari, like you've never used a drill.  Get to it!

To start I layed my board accross a bench (the play egg underneath is not necessary:).  
Get your handy dandy drill and bit.  I think my bit was about 1/4 inch.  The main thing in choosing your bit is making sure the hole it makes going to fit what you're going to put through.

Of course I could only find one of my carabiners.  I'm not sure where the kids played with them last.  I also had some mini bungie chords I found in Target's $ section.  The rings are hinged and left over from my Timeline cards. Then there's the strap left over from a foldable play yard since I couldn't find my mommy clip.  I"ll still use the mommy clip when it comes up.  We are in the process of getting ready to move and so some things are just out of place, or already in my in-laws attic.
Ready to measure where to put the holes.
I folded my strap in half and laid it on the center opening.  This told me about how far from the center to drill my holes.  I marked just inside the edge of the strap so it wouldn't be to tight. Make sure when you go to drill that your board is secure.  I put my knee down on the side I wasn't drilling- or if you want to be even more safe have a friend help, or use a clamp.  Also, I suppose I should reccomend safety goggles since we're messing with power tools. :)
About two fingers down (yes very precise:).  It was very easy to drill through.  I putt a cardboard box underneath to catch saw dust, then brushed the dust from the top into the box for easy clean up.
Threaded my rings through.  Since the bungie was too stretchy to hold the weight, much as I expected.  Then snapped my handle on. I'm sure you could use some straps left over from a suitcase, backback... whatever's laying around.  
It works!  I know those rings can loose their "grip" and come open after multiple uses, so I may have to find a replacement later.  For now this is great and the rings go through both layers to hold it closed as I carry.  TADA!  For as unplanned as this project was... turned out allright.  
You're all set to make your own.  

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