Monday, July 29, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 2

Here are my plans for Cycle 2 Week 2
Timeline: I don't plan on deviating much from the timeline song with actions from CC's website. It's also a great way to start class the same every week and kinda "rope in" the kids.
History: I will bring my Kingfisher Encyclopedia of History in and give a visual to the kids of William the Conquerer. I also plan on bringing some props this week to "act out" the history sentence.  My thoughts this far include a church type building on paper that I've cut into two pieces.  A crown and sword for William. A crown and mustache for King Harold (he had a glorious mustache:).  As we sing the acting out may look like this:
"After the church split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox" - have one or two students holding the church and "tear" them in half. 
"William the Conquerer"- person with crown and sword step forward
"defeated King Harold of England"- King Harold steps forward, William gently defeats him, he could fall to the ground/kneel.  
Someone hold up a 1066 sign
The rest of the students hold up their fists as if they are feuding.
Science: We will rhythmically chant the question and 3 types of consumers.  As we chant we'll have some actions:
Herbivores: peel a banana (aka finger)
Carnivores: pretend to cut a steak
Omnivores: pretend to eat a hamburger or do the sign for hamburgers (they have meat, cheese and veggies, so the are omni :)
Geography: Repeat several times the European Waters.  Then have two kids stand by the map with swatters while I call out the waters. You could also repeat the European waters a couple times, call out a water for them to swat.  Then the swatter needs to repeat all of the waters.
Math: three's- a page with twelve triangles and they can write in each skip counted number, 3, 6, 9... Then count them together, sing to song
four's- bring in twelve lego/mega blocks that are the squares with four connectors
like this one.  You can use chalk markers to write the fours on each block and stack them as you sing the song.  You can even pass out the blocks in order and pass around the stack as you sing to allow each student to add a four.
English: You can sing the pronoun definition to "This Old Man".  I plan on writing it on the white board and erasing a word each time we repeat the sentence.
Latin: Print out the page for endings (posted this in the info for week 1) and cut them up for the kids to put in order.  
  Review Game: We will play Rocket review today (got this on pinterest, looks great!)


  1. Oh my goodness! So thankful I ran across your blog! Tutoring CC for the first time this year and this is a God-send! THANK YOU!

    1. You know, I've felt bad for not replying to several comments. We are in the process of selling out home and we had a business trip and so life just got in the way of keeping up with replies. I think The Lord did that on purpose, knowing that I would need some encouragement at this moment as I go through and reply to these "left out" comments. All that to so this: thanks! My intent was truly to help others so they could save time and brain power :). I hope and just prayed that your CC year will a great year and blessing to all involved.