Saturday, July 27, 2013

CC Review Game Jeopardy/Battleship

Kinda excited to try this game.  You know how I've said I like board games and such.  I also love sticky notes :).  
I first called it Battleship, but it may be more like Jeopardy.  Whatever it is (or isn't) it will be fun.
Start your game by making numbered rows.  The number of rows will depend on how many weeks you'll be reviewing.  Most of the time in Classical Conversations we'll be reviewing the present week and previous six.  If you play this in the first few weeks you could do fewer rows.  
Next you'll lay out your sticky notes in columns.  One bright color per column if you have the multicolor pack (which makes it lots of fun:).
When you get all the columns spaced out you will have a hidden subject/week under each sticky note.  
If the student asked for Yellow 7 they'd get History Sentence two weeks previous.  
Each question answered correctly will be awarded points.  I plan on using talley marks.  
Hidden within the subject/week questions will be STARS.
If the student asks for Orange 2, they'd have found a STAR.  The star indicates bonus points.  I will try giving 5 bonus points for stars. The student that uncovered a star will be allowed to pick a second sticky note- if they answer the question correctly they get the bonus points indicated by the star.  This is the variation that reminds me of Jeopardy. 
Simple, Cheap, FUN!

Alternative method of play:
Set up is the same.  Change the stars to X marks and they lose points if the second sticky choice is not answered correctly.  They will need to reach a before appointed point total before uncovering all the X's.  
Example: if you hide 5 X's and set the point goal for 50.  They must reach 50 points before uncovering the 5th X.  
I thought this approach was more like Battleship.
Simple, Cheap, FUN!

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