Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 7

Timeline: Today after the song and hand motions I'll try to allow for kids to lead the song while pointing to the cards.
Science: Yipee!!! Space!  I've been anxiously waiting for the weeks about space.  I thought we could do an acrostic. Good Daughters Visit New Nanas
You can also draw a star and write each type in an arm.  Mine is too little.  Make yours bigger:)

History: We'll do the good ol' song.  Then on the dry erase board we'll erase a word or two each time we go through the song.
Geography: We are really just going to repeat, repeat, repeat the peninsulas and trace them on our Geography folders
Math: We did this for the 7's, but it's worth doing again.  We just have thirteens this week. We'll do the cakewalk approach.  Our class has eight kids so I'll lay out 7 foam sheets.  One student will start in the middle, the others around on the foam sheets in a circle.  We'll sing the 13's song and I'll randomly stop them and whoever is on the foam sheet marked with a star (appropriate for today) will move to the spot in the middle.  
English: stickin' with the Chicken (song)!
Introduce the endings and how the pictures tie in.  Sing the CC song. 
Review Game: This will be our first time playing our Simple Sponge Stack game.  


  1. SO happy to have ran across your blog (thank you pinterest!)!
    Your helping me plan my year in a great way ; )
    Would you be willing to share the link to the chicken dance for english? I can't find it anywhere and don't see any other ideas!
    Thanks SO much!
    If you can't post here, maybe you'd be willing to email it to me?

    1. Tammy, I will try to find that link and get it to you. As you can tell, I'm not the greatest linker. I'm pretty inept at it. I'm going to have my bro-in-law kinda help me out on Monday. I'll try to get that link before then, though.
      Glad you can use my plans. That is what they are for.

    2. Okay, Tammy, I am so confused. I searched for more than 30 minutes trying to find that song. I know while at practicum with my kids sleeping in the bed next to me, I sat searching on my iPad and found a chicken dance melody pronoun song. I can't find it. It is lost in cyberspace. I cannot think of another way to search for the song. I looked on CC connected as well as just google. I will try to record a video of it for you. Right now I have company so I'll have to get to it next week. I will practice and make my own video. I'm crazy, I know. Just for you girl!

    3. Lol! Thank you so much - how would we do this crazy stuff without one another's help?!?