Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 3

Well, I'm a little disappointed... I've had two days of trying.  Trying to get things done, then major glitches.  I had this post already done, and somehow the draft wasn't saved.  
Here goes try #2 for week 3.
Timeline: hand motions, then allow students a chance to conduct the song.  You really have to know your kids before doing this.  If they follow the rules it's a good one to try.
Science: We will chant the ? and answers.  I will divide the kids into 3 groups.  I will have one as the producers- they'll have either silk flowers, or fruits and veggies from my kids play kitchen.  Consumers will have a spoon.  Decomposers will have some of my plastic bugs, like flies and beetles.  As we chant the groups can hold up their items when we say their group.
History: we are going to illustrate the History sentence.  Here we have Eleanor of Aquitaine and her son (no he wouldn't have been a child, but this is an easy way to illustrate that he was her son) Richard the Lion-Hearted.  I'm not sure if you can see, but he's got a heart with a lions mane.  I should probably put a crown on him as well.  Then there's a pic of a sword and shield to represent "fought".  On the upper right corner you'll see my Turk.  I looked in my Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and saw an illustration with the turbans and beards.  So here's my stick Turk.  The crosses in the bottom left represent Jerusalem.  Then a visual of the dates.  You can show yours and as the class sings the song, have them draw their own.  Make sure they are trying to sing along. For older students you can even have them write the sentence underneath the illustration.
Geography: I'll bring my large sheet map
(yes, I need to add Russia, under USSR, I have the old foundations guide:). I'll have the kids use their geography folders to trace the Western European Countries as I point to them on the large map.
Math: While we sing the skip count song for 5's we'll do a hand clap between partners (you know like the old Miss Mary Mack and other rhymes where we'd clap hands in a pattern).  For 6's I'll have saved egg cartons, cut them into groups of 6 egg-holder-spacey-things, pass them out to the kids and have them stack them as we sing.  You could also just pass them around as you sit in a circle and sing.  Just having the visuals of something that is 6.
English: I will have paper with each of the Pronoun types written on it.  We will chant Pronoun Order, Pronoun Order (twice because we have 8 people in our class, and with the 6 types this will give each person a sign) 1st person singular, 2nd person... 3rd person plural.  I will point out that the first 3 are singular (you can give an example, I, You, He/she/it) and the last three are plural (we, you, they).
Latin: It's new this week so we'll go over the endings on our poster from CC connected.
and sing the song several times.
Review Game: We will use our Big Dice this week.  Ooh, this just came to me: "Roll'em Review".  That sounds fun.  Knowing me I'll have to say that in a game show host voice.  Since this is only week 3 and there are 6 sides to our dice I will designate numbers 1&4 for week one, 2&5 for week two, 3&6 for week six.


  1. I found you on Pinterest, please keep posting!! This is our first year doing CC so of course I signed up to tutor as well. I've been planning and planning all summer and appreciate your game ideas so much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your sweet words! I have only been in CC for a semester. So, not quite as new as yourself, but still feeling quite new. I really was hoping that my planning could save other tutors time and brain power. I hope you find them useful and fun!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I am brand new to CC and am tutoring the 4 year olds and your visuals help so much- you are indeed saving me some brain power ;) I will keep coming back!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to be an encouragement. Sometimes we think nice thoughts about others, but don't take the time to verbalize/type those thoughts. We never know when someone might need those encouraging words- and I definitely did. Thanks! And I'm so glad you have found these posts to be helpful.

  3. You are so wonderful!!! I'm a substitute tutor for the first time this year and am so scared to start our CC year. Haha. I stumbled across your page and I think it must have been a God thing. This is such a huge blessing to me and helps me feel a bit more comfortable going in. Thank you for sharing your ideas!