Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 6

Timeline: I think for today we'll wear Grecian leaf crowns (I'll either make them of paper and pipe cleaners, or dollar store leaf vines). You know I'll include the song and hand motions.
Science: Can be sung to "Come Thou Fount" .
Come, Thou Fount of every blessing
What are six forms of pollution?
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
What are six forms of pollution?
Streams of mercy, never ceasing
Noise,    Air,Water, La-nd, and Thermal
Call for songs of loudest praise
a-and Ra-di-o-ac-tive
To help them remember the types of pollution I thought of some actions
noise- point to ears
air- point to lungs
water- like you're drinking a cup
land- point to feet
thermal- fan yourself like you're hot
radioactive- all I could think of was act like a robot :)
History: I'll print out the sentence and cut it into strips, keeping the artists with their art, after we sing the song a couple times I'll let them put their sentences in order.
Geography: This seems like a good week for an acrostic.  Really you could just have them remember it spells PACCU, that's simple.  Peter And Claire Cut Umbrellas.  Get out our Geography folders and find all these mountains. Since it's a shorter section we could spend a couple minutes using the fly swatters on the big map.
Math: For the 11's I'll write them in a column going down the board and just point out how it's simply counting.  Then for the 12's (this will be fun!!) I'll bring a plastic egg carton we have from our Resurrection Eggs.  I'll have it filled with empty Easter eggs and while we sing the twelves we'll see if a student can move the eggs from the carton to a bucket on the other side of the room one at a time.  I won't have them balance them on a spoon, it will take long enough just to use their hands.  While they are running the eggs we'll be singing the twelves song. 
English: CHICKEN DANCE!  again :)  Just a note: make sure you get up and move for this.  Do the clapping part and everything.
Latin: Today as we repeat the latin grammar we'll sit in pairs and pass a ball or bean bag back and forth.
Review Game: BINGO!!


  1. Can you tell me how you're going to use the BINGO Game?

    1. If you go to my post entitled "Classical conversations review bingo" I think it will explain how I intend to use the bingo game. If you need further details please comment under that post and I will get back with you.