Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Classical Conversations Review Bingo

Here are my dollar store bingo games. I have seen some Tutors who design and come up with bingo cards that precisely correspond to the 6 wks they are reviewing.  WOW!  That's amazing!  I decided that I would just snatch these up and figure out a way to adapt it to be reusable throughout our CC year.
 These are color and shape bingo cards and boards.  I laminated the cards so we don't have to use the little confetti-ish markers. Those tiny markers would just make a mess each time we played, and guess who'd be left to clean it all :).  So by laminating the cards, they will last longer and we can use dry erase markers.  I am just going to write subject/week on each card.  Like this: History 0, History -1, HIstory -2.  The negative and number mean one week back, or two weeks bag.  The 0 would be the current week.  I am just going to randomly write the subject and week on cards.  I don't want to match colors to subjects for a couple reasons.  There are only four colors and seven subjects.  Also, I don't want all the red to be history or a student would have to super excel at History to achieve bingo. Does that make sense? 

So, the game will commence as follows:
Tutor draw a card, read the subject/week, give the "question" to the first student, if answered correctly the class gets to mark the space with their dry erase markers.  Since there are two bingo sets together in order to have 8 boards, I will have a possible two students who call out bingo.  The more the merrier I say.  The combined two sets also allow each shape to have two questions.  Since there will be two red oval cards each red oval card could have a different sub/week assigned to it, so if they don't get the first one correct, they have a second chance.  I plan to do this game on weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24.  
$2 (and some laminating) and a Simple Great Review Game!!! 

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