Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple CC Review Dice Game

To me,  game dice just mean fun.  I have a good stock pile of regular size dice from various games, but thought it would be fun to actually have big a set that were super size and specific to CC.
You can buy some from teaching supply places, or probably on Amazon, but not for less than $3.
I found craft styrofoam at the $1 store that are approximately 4".  I attempted to write on the cubes with markers, but the styrofoam "ate" the marker tips.  So, I had a bunch of craft foam sheets that I cut to size and wrote my numbers on.  I used the left over fun duct tape (from my transportable trifold white board project) because anything with patterned duct tape is just fun.  Dice=fun, pattern duct tape= fun, so this is double fun.
After writing the numbers on the foam, I taped them to each other around the cube.  I noticed the width of the duct tape really made for a small space to have the numbers on.  So, when I did the second cube I cut the duct tape lengths in half.
You'll see that on the second cube I have large letters (the letters that begin each Classical Conversations subject).  Then somewhere on that large letter I have written the remainder of the subject word.  I thought if I wrote the subject out it would be too small, so the large letters allow us to see a clearly the abbreviation for the whole subject.  (am I making any sense, this vacation is zapping my energy)
The game will play as follows:
students will Roll, answer the corresponding "question", score
SIMPLE!  but remember it's double fun :)
you could simply  take a tally mark score on paper or a board in your room.  
Easy, cheap, simple, FUN, FUN!
Side note: if you have crazy kids in your room that want to toss the dii all over, you could have them toss them into a box to keep the game contained.

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