Thursday, August 1, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 9

Timeline: Good ol' CC song and hand motions.  I tried to come up with something fun, but I remember how hard it was to just get through all 7 cards, so I do try to keep it simple - plus I want to spend a bit of extra time on Science today.
Science: I am not a great lover of science, I don't hate it, but I was always more of a fine arts person.  HOWEVER, I do love planets.  I think they are just so incredible and show the handiwork of our Heavenly Father.  (Okay get on with it Ari) I have great visuals for this.  I was shopping in Minneapolis at a Toys R' Us much bigger than the two in my area.  They had a huge science section that happened to be 30% off.  Here's what I snatched
Our solar system in a bucket!  Glow in the dark and all.  Let me get it out for you to see (only $12ish)
(the barbie in the background is not included:)
I think I might string these by their hangers and hook them to the ceiling tiles the morning we do this (if we have time).  Wouldn't that just be fun!!! If not I'll put it together in a sensory bin (things I'm doing for my preschooler) and let the kids view it that way.Like this I found on Pinterest
from here:
I have a big thing of purple star glitter/confetti that I'll throw in as well.  And no, there won't really be time
 to play with it during CC, but maybe at lunch.  Fun to picture it in "space" though.
There are a bunch of incredible planet ideas on pinterest.  Check out my board- Arianna Kuriscak, then
 get on my cc cycle 2 board.  
History: I believe I shall print out pictures of each of these monarchs and on the back write their country.  
I will pass out the posters, and as we sing the kids will show their monarch, and when we say the country, 
they can flip it to the country.  
Geography: ooh, the Caribbean!  I'm tempted to go pirate-y on this, but... I better just go island-y.  
Still simple, though.  I'lm thinking flower shaped sticky notes (I know I've seen these, but I better start looking now,
 because it's always when I need something that I have a hard time finding them).  I'll pass out 5 notes to each 
student (which means I need 40) then have them write C for Cuba, J for Jamaica... Then we'll place them in 
our Geography notebook.  I looked at the maps and I think I'll have to find a larger one.  These locations are so 
small in our CC guide.  But if I print it out I'll just stick it in the extra page protectors of their geography folders. You
could do pineapple stickers, or coconuts, sea shells, and have them just put the stickers directly onto the map.
Math: 15's We'll do the lego thing again.  You can write on legos or mega blocks with chalk markers all the 
numbers in this skip counting pattern.  Then the kids will each get almost 2, one person will have one (that'll 
probably be one of my own girls so I can tell them ahead of time), as we sing we'll stack the right numbers.
English:  Just found this super cute rap on Youtube.  Like she says she's a little out of her box, I know it will 
stretch me.  The kids will love it though and more than likely never forget it.
Basics: using the song and visual to drill the endings.  
Review Game: Big Dice

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