Monday, August 12, 2013

1st Day of School 2013-14

We did it!  We started the year with a BANG! Or rather a gluten free cinnamon roll as a treat.
 I was nervous.  Not sure why.  I think adding Story of The World onto what we were already doing, made me feel like it might be overwhelming.  Not to mention adding in pre-school for Emery. However, with prayer, preparations, and plans we made it through day one.  One day at a time, right?
So, here's a peek into our day.  We started out with a game.  That's the game lover in me coming out. We played match ten (I think that is the name).  Using playing card you pick out Ace-10 and the Q.  We laid them in a grid like most matching games.  The point is to draw two cards that have a sum of 10.  Nine and one, eight and two... then we also use 10 and Q, the Q representing zero.  They loved it!  
Then they worked on coloring their SOTW activity pages while I read Chapter One.  
Chapter One has you pretending to ride a magic carpet over the Roman Empire- thus the girls sitting on the carpets.
You can see how much of the first day "jitters" they have- LOL!  She couldn't get enough.
Lil' Emery was having fun with her preschool. 
She was threading foam onto a plastic needle and cord.  She didn't enjoy this as much as threading pieces of felt onto a ribbon "snake".
A ribbon with a button sewn onto one end, and piece of felt as a "stopper" on the other end.  About 12 pieces of felt with button size slits cut into them are threaded onto the "snake".  She did this about four times.  Each time she would finish she'd shout "I did it!". Then ask to to it "again!".  Of course if you take the time to make one for your toddler and have my fortune they'll probably not enjoy it this much. You know, I had made this last year and she wasn't interested, but is this year.

We drew a large map of the Roman Empire on our 4x4 white board.

Then they flew their carpets around the Empire.
Of course they are too busy flying to pause for a pic.
Then we made our Roman signums and they had to go outside to march like soldiers.  Claire wanted to be England and fight against Rome. It's bright out :)
After spelling and language arts Claire wanted to dress like a Roman.  Here's what we came up with on the spur of the moment. Dad's t-shirt, old satin curtain, belt, brooch, and some safety pins- tada!
She made her own paper plate leaf crown (sure that's the proper term for it:)
Claire was disappointed when we finished.  I think that's mainly because she thrives on spending time with... well, anyone, but particularly mom and dad.
We made it through!  One day complete!
Praise The Lord!

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