Friday, August 23, 2013

Week 1 Presentations and Science

Our group is starting the year with an interview type presentation.  Our skill focus is simply getting to know our classmates (mostly feeling comfortable with speaking in front of them).  I looked on CC Connected and found a file for impromptu open-ended  questions that you can print and cut into cards.  
I don't recall the uploader's name, but if you search "impromptu speaking cards"  you should find it.  I think I found it by searching these terms.
week: 1
Cycle: All
Subject: presentations

There were only nine, and I wasn't sure they would all apply to my kids.
So I googled impromptu speech topics.  There are many resources to find in this manner.  I think most of the questions I wrote on notecards

were from  .
I decided to clip them to my white board above the presentation "line up", so they are right where I need them when I need them.  
When making my Line up, I decided to place the students who've been in CC before, near the top.  The newcomers will be on the bottom of the list.  I thought it nice to allow them time to know what to expect and hopefully relax any fears they may bring.

I found some good printable resources on CC Connected.  This weeks experiments won't take much time, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to employ the scientific method on a worksheet.  Here's what you should search:
emoticons method (is a "poster" with emoticons to help the younger students have a visual of each step)
same place, uploaded by jen30- a worksheet to fill out the steps for the scientific method
shaded #2 , also by Jen30- a similar worksheet 
C2W1_sci_exp  was another helpful file.

Hope this helps your last minute prep for Week 1.
We have our first day on Monday!! My girls and I are so excited.  I am guessing I'll have another post for you this weekend as I put together my specific supplies Sat and Sun night.  


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