Friday, August 2, 2013

Plans for CC Cycle 2 Week 10

Timeline: Old faithful. This section of the timeline goes by rather quickly.  I would work on making sure they are getting the words.  It's easy to mush them together.
Science: This fits to B-I-N-G-O
There was a farmer had a dog
What are the phases of the moon?
and Bingo was his name-o
New, Crescent,     Quart-er
B I N G-     O
Gibbous,   Full
B I N G -      O
Gibbous,     Full
B          I                  N G - O
New,      Crescent,    Quart-er  (they squeeze in, trust me)
and Bingo was his name - o
Gibbous,                           Full
A visual would be great.  These are really unknown words to most and a visual would make sense of these words.

I will have the kids draw five circles and color one in fully for new, all but a banana-ish portion for crescent, half for quarter (which will probably confuse the kids:),  a fat banana-ish portion for gibbous, and nothing for full. I will make mine in advance to be the example.  This pic I posted also talks about waxing and waning, but I'm working with 1st and 2nd graders and that's just too much info, and it's not required.  SIMPLE, Ari, keep it simple.
History: I thought this would be one we could act out.  After singing it a couple times and showing the visual from CC. I'll tape a paper V onto person's shirt with masking tape to be Vladimir.  He will carry a Cross (or simpler still, a Bible) to the map of Russia.  Another student will have a taped on I for Ivan and they'll use blocks or a hammer to show they are building the Kremlin. A student with a taped on C for Catherine will have a paper with the word "Russia" on the middle third.  C will open up the other two sides of the paper to represent expansion.  
Geography: Get your geography folders out kiddos.  Let's trace the outlines and write the first letter of each country. If we have time we'll erase and do it again. Or I'll bring tracing paper so we can get a second round in.  On the tracing paper we can color in the countries
Math: Squares. I plan to bring worksheets with 15 square shapes printed on them.  The kids can write in the numbers and we'll sing several times.
English: I tried looking for a song or rap, since that last one was so much fun. No luck.  I think we'll just chant and use some actions.  Point to the space in front of them for "this".  Point to something across the room for "that".  Act like you are carrying a bundle for "these".  Sweep your hand in front of you for "those" as if pointing to multiple items.
Latin: we'll do the puzzle thing again.  I think someone should comment to me on if you do some creative and fun things with latin.  My brain seems to be stuck.
Review Game: Guess what time it is!! Battleship time.  Or this time I could do it Jeopardy style.  Instead of avoiding the hidden x's, we'll try to get the extra points.


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    1. sorry deleted my own comment somehow- not too techy & dont usually comment but as a new tutor wanted to thank u for this blog. I feel like I have struck gold. Really great ideas & really well laid out. I appreciate the time you put into this. Truly a gift

    2. How sweet!!! I'm not very techy either, this is way out of my comfort zone. :)

    3. Kinda funny that I'm not techy- my husband works with a bunch of techs, and programmers. I'm trying to figure some things out on this blog, and may have to go into hubby's work to have someone school me.

    4. My latin is - first week say/ sing and do a few rounds of musical chairs - student without a chair sings it - keep playing until it's repeated several times - second week - we use the puzzel boards on CC connected- next 12 weeks when they repeat I will have them write them - then play the board or do Musical chairs the next week - it's the only thing I do every time and they seem to enjoy it - I have Journeymen/masters

    5. I can't believe you have time for musical chairs! Way to go :) sounds great, Shawn

  2. I know this may be late, but for Grammar we did the chant from "Mandy" from She is amazing. all are amazing. Thank you for sharing all of your work. You make tutoring that much easier for me.
    It goes like this. "This, That These those, These are those demonstrative pros".
    I held up a "T" shaped paper with each pronoun in it while pointing to the words and chanting. Kids love it.

  3. thank you Donna, for your kind words. Handy tips too! and here we go is such a great blog.