Thursday, August 15, 2013

CC Pronoun Song Weeks 4-8

So a couple weeks ago I told ya'll (I lived in Virginia for 5 yrs, picked up a bit of southern :) that I had a Chicken Dance Pronoun Song.  The first time I found the song was at Practicum this summer, in the hotel with two of my girls sleeping in the bed next to me.  I was planning our sample week to share with the other Foundations Tutors.  I found the great song somewhere online.  WHERE?  I can't find it. Someone commented on the post a couple weeks ago that they had looked and couldn't find it.  Could I find the link?  Nope.  I searched for an hour and a half.  I know I didn't look that long the first time.  So, I'm wondering if it got taken down.  Could just be lost in cyber space.  Or hiding from me.

So, I told this reader I'd do the song in a video and post it.  Why did I say that?  A moment of crazy weakness? Yes.  No.  I can do the song.  I had to get my mom back on her way to Wyoming and get our school year started.  I am ready now, well, as ready as I'll be.  My kids think it's great to post videos on youtube or facebook.  They say "we're famous".  Well, I'm not looking to be famous, and it's a good thing... any fame I was on the way to, I'm taking a couple steps back here.  If it can help my fellow tutors and CC moms, I'll do what is needed.
So weeks 4-9 in chicken dance style...
Well, my first video.  Maybe shouldn't have done it right after I woke from a much needed nap.  I hope you can use this in your class.  You could add actions more than just the clapping, but this was enough of a stretch for me just doing the video. :)

For some reason I couldn't pin the picture of the video, so I had to take a screen shot, add it to the post, then pin the pic of the video.  So, below is not the video, but the pic. confusing, but wanted to get it on pinterest for those of you who follow me that way :)


  1. First of all, you are SO cute, and you have a beautiful voice! Thank you SO much for sharing this! It is just what I needed! :) Praise the Lord for people like you with a gift!!!!!

  2. coffee addict- Nice name by the way :) aren't you sweet. Thanks for the encouraging words (several months ago :). I hope you forgive the long break on my blog. we are done moving and I'm hoping to at least get weekly posts about what I'm doing for CC. I think you have the gift of encouragement. Those sweet words meant so much.