Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 2

No, I'm sure we wont blog every day of school this year, though it would be cool to have it all for memories sake.
While I'm excited, refreshed from summer and not burned out :) I thought I would post about our days.  
On our school menu today- Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Monks and the Pope spreading religion.
Coloring their Celtic brooches while I read.  The wanted to use their flying carpets again. 
Also coloring Beowulf from yesterday. They loved coloring the Illuminated letters like the monks would have used in book making.  We counted the hours it took monks to make a book and it could have been near 100 hours.  They found that amazing (I did too).
Then we wrote our names in lettering the monks used.  We just covered a template of the alphabet with tracing paper, and traced the letters we needed.  
We painted (really just washable marker) blue swirls on our arms (yes me too) and their faces.  I'm trying to sink in these facts about History.  Doing history makes you remember at least a little.  So they made the celtic brooches and pinned on their cloaks (still the silly rugs).  Then they finished up their celtic axes- mom didn't read the directions, they are supposed to be double sided.  So, these are only half as effective at war.  You can see we are sitting on our large sheet map of Europe.  I wanted them to be finding points on the map as we read about them.  
Of course, we did all our usual spelling, math, language, geography.  Science today will be Wild Kratts.  Gotta say that show is so educational that I'm okay with using it on days we're busy and mom needs to get things done.  Our plate is full today, so we're using our resources- Netflix :)
I have to say Bella is having a harder time than I imagined for her.  Last year she did so well.  I know she likes knowing what we are doing. She doesn't care for new things, but would rather be routine.  So some of the things she's saying "I don't want to do this" are because she's not sure what we're doing.  I think she'll become more familiar with the SOTW curriculum and love it.  I guess at the end she did say "I didn't know school was going to be like this.  I thought we were doing workbooks more like math and stuff."  This was a positive statement, not criticism.  She's such an observer, gotta watch, then do.
Claire, on the other hand is really loving it, and when we finished, she got out more school books to work on.
Still happy for our day two success :)
Oh, and Emery is up to five states!  she's doing good and even talked about her states at lunch :)

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