Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Okay so we had many funny statements today. Let's see if I can remember them all.

we were doing school when Claire said "that's what we are should-posta do". translation "supposed"

Bella was jumping off the stairs into a pile of blankets, pillows and comforters and apparently something was funny. she said "that laugh me"

At supper we were having beef stew which must have looked questionable. Both girls were busy eating the other things on their plate or drinking milk. Since we have the rule that we have to try each item on our plate before getting down, I decided maybe I could spice it up for them. So I put a little salt on the stew (since it's from my meal co-op they usually need a little salt). Somehow Bella did not see me put the salt on her plate, but saw me put some on my own. She requested some on her meal, I let her know that she already had some "no, I don't". mom-"Bella, you do have some on your stew, I already put it on". Bella - "no, I not see it".
Mom- " well, I did and we don't want to put too much on". Bella - "no, it not on. It fell off". Mom and dad were stifling back laughter, or in Bella's words 'that laugh me'. She repeated that "it fell of, I need some". I convinced her to add some pepper and all was well.

Now Bella is still playing at the bottom of the stairs, only she is hiding under the blankets pretending to sleep. Occasionally popping her head out and saying "that woke my up".

Claire was playing a computer game and somehow she knocked something off the desk. I asked her what it was and she told me "the letter thing". I asked "the keyboard?" she replied "yes, the T-board fell, but it's not broken". I guess if it is a letter board then "t-board" makes sense.

Oh, here's another one- whew these girls need to be a little less cute or I'll run out of time to write it down.

We were dressing for Ballet class and I must have done something goofy (go figure, like that ever happens). So Bella says "you soopid, mommy". Now remember that sometimes she really mumbles, especially when she's unsure of how to pronounce something. So, since this was clearly her first time to call her mother stupid, she was unsure how to pronounce the word correctly. I asked "what did you say" trying to act like it was no big deal I didn't want to spook her, because then she'd never tell me. So she quickly repeated her mumble "you soopid mommy". she was saying it as if the word meant "silly". there was no disrespect or insult loaded into her small mispronounced sentence. I asked if she was saying "stupid" and she shyly cocked her head to the side and said "yeah". I explained that using that word was usually not kind. I told her that we never call someone that because it would hurt their feelings. I also told her kindly, since it was just a childish mistake, what the consequences would be if she said it again.
I'm glad I was in a good mood, because if I had been rundown and tired I may have handled that differently instead of being able to laugh about it.

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