Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okay so I thought, to make things a bit more interesting, I would add a couple "features" to the blog. Things that occur often around our house... such as falls, silly sayings and "giggle parties".
So at the current time Claire has "sayings" that she uses repeatedly and great ideas. This will be one feature I try to daily put on the blog.
Claire's Saying of the Week: has been "ahhhhhh, grrrreat"- note this is usually said in a sighing fashion, a sign that she is perturbed, losing patience or rolling her eyes.
As we hit the weekend and are going into next week I'm making a prediction on what next week's saying will be... "oh, biscuits". We were watching Phineas and Ferb on Disney when one of the characters said this phrase. Claire thought it was hilarious and has been using it since then.

Claire is also full of self proclaimed "good ideas". Most of them are very clever for a 4.5 yr old. So as another great feature of this blog we will have
Claire's Great Ideas: I have a great idea! the idea is... wouldn't it be great... it's something about paint... wouldn't it be great if we only had paint. well, and clothes. (this being said while she is finger painting).
Idea 2: I have a great idea! wouldn't it be great if the car was so big that the store was already in it so we didn't have to drive to get there???

Bella- well she's just hilarious all on her own. I'm not sure there will be a category for her daily funniness will be called.
Bella: comes into kitchen while mom is filling Jacob's bottle. mom is doing "step aerobics" while filling the bottle (gotta try to burn some extra calories) Bella-"wha ya doin, mom?" mom- "getting Jacob's bottle ready." Bella this time a little more deliberate and speaking with greater diction so that I am sure to understand "no. Wha your legs doin? dancin?" In other words "why in the world are you dancing around like a wierdo? the only people who can get away with dancin at odd times are people like me, two year olds."

Exposing them to a little "culture" today, or rather family history I decided to make German puff pancakes, a family favorite. It is a custardy, thin, puffed up pancake baked in melted butter. when it comes out of the oven you can put strawberry's and coolwhip, or syrup, powdered sugar, honey... pretty much whatever on the delicious pancake. So Bella would only take one bite, she didn't get honey or powdered sugar in her bite, so needles to say, that was her only bite. Claire ate almost a whole quarter of a pancake, then suddenly raelized "does this have egg in it?" I answer "yes", and she says "I don't like the egg in it". I asked her "does that mean you just like the honey and sugar?" At least she was honest and answered "yes".

We must be having a busy day because it's only 10am and I've already had much to say.

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