Friday, February 19, 2010

Last night, after the girls had been put to bed, Bella was saying "daddy, daddy..." so micah went upstairs and Claire ran to the door "Daddy, Bella got out of her bed". He retorted "your out of your bed right now", and of course she ran quickly back to her bed.
so he went in Bella's room and she said "could you tell mommy to come up here". so instead of just calling for mommy in the first place, she had to send the message through daddy.
Well I went up to see what she needed... when I bent down to give her a hug, I felt wet blankets. So I asked her how that happened and she didn't know. I said "did you go peepee?". She defended herself and said "no, Claire peeped". I have no idea how Claire "peeped" in Bella's bed. The reason is just that our kids are so amazing their almost magical. I felt Bella's diaper and she had already soaked it. Then I told her how she was the one who "peeped" in her bed.

Claire was eating a few pieces of candy for a reward for doing school well. She handed me half of a piece I told her that was so sweet. She told me "I didn't want to get sick". She thought since we tell her that too much candy isn't healthy that she better not eat it, so she'll pass it off to good ol' mom.

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