Monday, February 15, 2010

I like my house

Had our "cousin" Grady over today to play. The kids had a good time.

Claire is holding out on me... She told me when I went into her room after rest time that she had another "great idea", but forgot it. Rap Scallion (who knows what that means, just pirate talk- and Bella was a pirate this morning).

Bella noticed that her hair is "getting brown on this side and still yellow on this side". She would really like it to stay yellow.

Yesterday the girls took Valentines to their Sunday School teachers and when we picked Bella up she asked "where my baltine" I asked if she gave it to her teacher, she said "yes, but where is it?" Apparently she thought she was just giving it to the teacher for safe keeping and would get it back when church was over.

In the morning when we were getting dressed for church Bella asked "where we goin". I let her know we were getting ready for church to which she replied "we already went 'a church". (she oftentimes uses " a" in place of conjunctions) She was correct we went to the Saturday night service, but of course were going to Sunday School and the Sunday service. Bella told us "I no wanna go 'a church". Well, she may not have wanted to go to church when she woke up, but when we got to church she ran into the nursery with a smile on her face.

The night before when we were getting ready for the Saturday night service she had said she didn't want to go to church because " I wanna stay a my house. I like my house".

Potty Training Progress: she's sitting now, so we'll let you know

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