Friday, February 19, 2010

Claire's great idea: well we use hand sanitizer quite often at our house. since the girls can't yet wash by themselves it comes in "handy". So, I went to her room after rest time I went to Claire's room to tell her to clean and come out. she had been singing at the top of her lungs some song about Jesus knocking at the door and letting him in (so cute). so since she was being so stinking cute I went in to hug and love on her because I just melt when they are so cute. Reached around her to pick her up... "why are you wet?" . C- "I didn't make it to the potty in time". Seeing as how she's only peed her pants like 6 times since she was 2.5 yrs old, I found it odd that being 20 ft from the toilet she wouldn't make it in time. So I inquired a bit further... "why didn't you get to the toilet? what were you doing?" The whole time I had seen her in her room all she was doing was singing at the foot of her bed. She told me she couldn't make it to the bathroom because the song wasn't over. Claire had wanted to finish singing a song, then she would go to the potty. So, she ran to the potty, couldn't get her pants down, and peed on the rug. she said later that she tried to stop it by positioning her hand as if it were a plug. Her bit of wisdom for my future reference was that sometimes the "hand" technique works, but this time (and she said this so surprised) it just kept coming. so after I found out her approach, I told her to go sanitize her hands. Well since she had been sitting on the bed I was taking the covers off to wash them, next was her pants, so her great idea was "wouldn't it be great if they had sanitizer for clothes?". I told her that was a fantastic idea. she said "yeah, we should buy that", apparently she thought someone had already invented it and we just needed to purchase it.

Bella's bunny she's so funny:
We were driving to K-mart, entered the parking lot, Bella says "look at da honkie". Mom asks "what is a honkie?" . B- "dat guy". Mom, laughing, "what do you mean? What is a honkie?". Here I'm thinking that she's heard Micah telling some racial joke. Bella "you da honkie". She is starting to get embarrassed at this point since she can tell I don't understand her. Turns out she was talking about the Pumba quarter ride in front of the store.
You know, Flounder from Little Mermaid is now named "Brewster"
and now Pumba is "honkie"

Bella was also using their little play couch as... well... just about everything today. she would close herself inside and say she was a bird coming out of the egg- "look I crackin".
she would close herself inside and think no one could see her. Many times I saw her pull the couch around her and then roll, kinda like a somersault- the way she was doing all this it was like she didn't even know we were watching, in a world of her own.
She was a ladybug, she just walked around folded in half with the couch on top of her.
What great entertainment. Something we've had for a couple years, entertained her all day.

At dinner we were having tortellini soup, well you can just guess how these picky- though they've made themselves that way- eaters reacted. they are so skeptical. I think it is genetic (Ed, Micah). so they are asking what the beans are and I told them "tortellini seeds". Well when they saw them in the bowl they figured it out. Claire - " I do not like that". I reminded her that we've had the noodles before. C- "well I'm not eating the beans". So Micah was helping her eat, He was hiding the beans under tortellinis, she had no clue. so then I said "hey where'd all your beans go, there's only one left? did Daddy eat them?". c- "I don't know. Daddy, did you eat them?". Bella also said "I no like dat, Blah!" . We are really working on good manners, can't you tell? so I say "we don't say 'Blah!'. You need to try the soup." she ended up liking the noodles, so then all that was left was beans and a tomato and I told her the mater was a red tortellini... will she fall for another one of mom's tricks?... is this why she is so skeptical?... Yes she fell for it. No, she didn't eat the beans.

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