Sunday, February 21, 2010

B's sound like G's ???

I wish I had a mental blog- the whole purpose of me doing a blog is so that when I forget all these cute things the girls do every day I can "write them down". Well, I took a nap and forgot a couple of cute things the girls did just hours ago.
Last night they needed to get out their last bit of energy and so they just started running and jumping. Then it turned into running from Rudy, the mean dinosaur on Ice Age 3. They decided to hide from Rudy on the back of the couch. I looked at them as they stood there trying to be as close to the wall as they could and Claire informed me "we're glending in". I told her "glending in" was a great idea.
Today we were in the car and the girls sometimes like to play Little Einsteins when we're driving. So they started patting their legs (which is what the LE's do when their rocket is about to take off), then they patted faster (you know gaining power), then they shouted "GLAST-OFF!". I've worked with Claire on this one before telling her that it is "b, b, BLAST OFF!". She grinned and said it wrong again. Then she decided to see what it sounded like with a "b". I am not sure what will happen next time they get into their rocket, but I would bet they use "g"-force to blast off.
There were about 5 other things that I wanted to post, but that silly nap erased them from my current memory. I thought the nap would do me good, but it deceived me.

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