Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week One Review and Drawing

Well, I'm excited! I'm excited for a few reasons.  In two days I leave for a missions trip in Burkina Faso, Africa.  I'm excited because I get to take my oldes daughter, Claire, with me.  I'm also excited because CC starts as soon as we return.  So, as I've been readying for Africa, I've also been readying for CC.  

I thought I wouldl let you know about another thing I'm a bit excited about (excitement is relative, right?).  On our way home from our fishing trip (a gift from my dad) in Alaska my kids introduced me to Twister Hoopla.  A five in one game.  All of the variations we've tried so far have been fun.  The one we had access to belongs to my parents, so I went to Amazon and found my own.  I'm planning to use it in CC for various review games.  
For week one we'll divide into groups of two and each group will recieve a ring.  Here I show a blue ring from the game set.  There are also yellow, red, and green rings, four of each color.  On the spinner you'll notice on the outside ring there are several ways to carry the ring between the two players.  I'll spin the wheel, tell the kids how to carry their ring (between elbows, ears...), the first team to carry it successfully from start to finish line will get a chance to say the memory fact.  We'll keep score with talleys- I'll have a mom, or two, help with this.
For our Drawing lessons this firsst week, I'll start with sectioning a piece of paper in four quadrents.  In each sections we will practice one of the OILS elements.  Then I found these drawing instructions online and thought they were great ways to use our new OILS skills.
The page on the left is from Art Projects for Kids.  I had found it on pinterest and the link was no good. I ended up just searching on the site for faces and found what I was looking for.  The page on the right is from the same site.  Here are the web addresses for your search bar (I don't have time to link them)


I have 6-9 year olds and thought these were well suited.  
I hope you are just as excited about the upcoming CC days.  

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