Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Review Game

So, here I am with another review game using the Twister Hoopla.
This is my CC version of Twister Hoopla Glue.  Using the rings and spinner...
I'll split the class into teams of two giving each team a ring of each color.  I'm going to spin. Tell the kids "put a green ring between your ____" .  They have to keep the ring between their knees, ears, elbows... whatever, while they answer the next memory work question.  Then I'll spin the wheel and they put another ring wherever the spinner dictates.  If we've got a red ring between our elbows and the next spin says red ring between our knees, we'll just move the red ring ;)
I think they'll have a blast working in teams to keep the rings in place, and we'll be sneaking in review.  WOOHOO!!!
I have a feeling this game is going to "spin" off lots of ideas (punn intended, okay it's late and I'm getting cheesy).

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