Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Review With Twister Hoopla

So, this is my version of the second game available with Twister Hoopla.  The game is called Toss in the Twister box.  We will change a few things to fit our class of eight.  I will have two teams of four.  One person from each team will be designated the catcher first.  The other three will be in line at the throwing end. (might have to add some pictures so you are sure to catch my ramblings) I will ask a memory fact question and have everyone recite the answer.  The first person in line at the throwing end will pick up a ring, I'll spin the spinner labeled with an orange ring and the words "twister disperso".  It will tell the catchers how to catch: with their right or left hand, or right or left foot.  The spin also tells which color ring to toss. If they catch it they get to keep the ring. If not they take the ring and go get in the throwing line.  The person who just threw is now the catcher. The rings are a type of score keeper.  So count up the rings and announce the winner (if your group is good with winners and loosers ;).
How far will the $20 I spent on this game go???? stay tuned...

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