Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here we go again with twister hoopla

Single Race approach
make a start and finish line
divide the class into pairs
each team gets one of each color ring
spin the wheel that says how to carry the ring
ask the memory work question
when they are done saying the fact, they race accross 
if they get accross without dropping the ring they get to count it as a point
if they drop the ring they take it back to the back of the line
first team to get all four rings accross wins

The game comes with little line markers or you could use masking tape.  I'll probably use masking tape as it is easier for everyone to see, and wont get kicked out of it's spot.  
I like these twister games because they are physical.  Another great point to the games is that it doesn't single any person out to say memory work on their own.  Sometimes when you have a class ofveteran  CC kids and a few newbies, the newbies feel inadequate to compete.  Make sure to team up newbies with vets when possible.  
If you have a class full of veteran CC kids go ahead and give them opportunities to say memory work alone.  

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  1. I love these ideas, I tutor Masters and I so need some physical review games that aren't baby-ish; I think they will love this.